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Top 10 Best Dead By Daylight Cosplays

The Nurse cosplay will take your breath away...

Dead By Daylight’s cornucopia of creepy characters means it is a great place to find inspiration for Halloween costumes or convention cosplays. If you are looking for inspiration for a spooky month party outfit then dressing up as your favorite Dead By Daylight character is perfect. There are a total of 33 Killers and 39 Survivors to choose from, but we have whittled that huge list down to the top ten best Dead By Daylight character cosplays. These range from simple easy-to-achieve looks to some that will take a bit more time and effort to put together, but each one of them is fabulously effective.

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1. The Huntress

Huntress dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Starting off our list of the best Dead By Daylight characters for cosplay is the buff axe-wielding murderess herself: The Huntress. She may have a cute bunny mask but don’t let that fool you, she is vicious! Huntress would make an excellent choice for cosplay as she is an iconic Dead By Daylight Killer and could be relatively easy to put together. The mask is a simple enough shape to create from cardboard, or you could purchase one online, while everything else are items you could find at home or in a thrift store.

Huntress has been the choice of some very clever cosplayers of the past. If you need a bit of inspiration, check out u/Interstellar_Emski on Reddit. Her mask is 3D printed, her axe was made by Lying Cat Cosplay, and she made the rest of the outfit herself. Such talent! For any men who want to be Huntress for a day, you’re not alone! Another Redditor, u/GreatKraken, created his own bearded version which we think is just perfection. His mask in particular is beautifully detailed.

2. The Nurse

nurse dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Ah Nursey, the Dead By Daylight Killer who is so hard to learn but so satisfying to master! The great thing about using Nurse as a cosplay design is that even if people don’t know who she is, she is still creepy as hell. She has a few different styles you could utilize, but the simplest is her WWII Nurse outfit. A simple off-white floor length shift dress made to look dirty and blood-stained, along with a roughly stitched together cloth mask would do it. To really set off the cosplay right you would have to attempt that wheezing moan she does so well and, of course, don’t forget your blade!

Nurse has been another popular cosplay idea in many of her eerie outfits. Below Zero Cosplay, shown here on Dead By Daylight’s official Facebook page, has created a wonderfully ragged and stained Nurse complete with bloody hacksaw. For a bit more of a scary-yet-silly version there is always Pumpkin Head Nurse to consider, as seen in this entry by u/DetectiveCookieh. If you want to recreate a more hauntingly beautiful Nurse you could get some inspiration from the super talented Freakessa on Instagram who created one of the best Dead By Daylight Nurse outfits I have ever seen!

3. The Trickster

Trickster dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Trickster brings a bit of color and mischief to Dead By Daylight, and his costume certainly reflects that! Many fans love his K-Pop style and, if you are willing to put contacts in and dye your hair, you can easily recreate this classic Trickster look. Pinstriped pants and a long yellow coat are your basic pieces, and there is clearly no need for a shirt! Add a baseball bat to that and you have the complete costume.

It goes without saying that Trickster has been a really popular cosplay since his addition to Dead By Daylight. Reddit user u/xcosguys looks like he was made for the part, while Niphacos on Instagram recreated a slightly different neon blue outfit. Being a woman shouldn’t stop you from dressing up as Trickster either, as you can see from this post by u/pixelkewie. She even has that arrogant eyebrow perfected!

4. Dwight Fairfield

dwight fairfield dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Dwight Fairfield is the resident nervous Survivor you can mostly find hiding in lockers and running for the unhook while the Killer is chasing him. As much as he can be such a liability in Dead By Daylight, he means well and is a lot of players’ favorite character. His awkward nail-biting stance and recognizable outfits make him the perfect gaming character cosplay. If you have an old school or work uniform you can dirty up, and a pair of glasses, you are most of the way there! Better yet, do you have an elf costume left over from an office Christmas party..?

For the classic Dwight look of grubby white shirt, striped tie, and plain pants, look no further for inspiration than u/DraughtEX on Reddit. His attention to detail is admirable as he studied screenshots of the character to painstakingly recreate every smudge and smear of blood on Dwight’s shirt. If you would prefer a Dwight cosplay that is more likely to make people laugh then look no further than u/NonfunctionalFitness cosplay of Dwelf: our hero dressed up especially for the Entity’s Christmas party.

5. Bill Overbeck

bill dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Bill Overbeck is a particularly good choice in cosplay because you can hit two gamer references with one stone. Bill was originally one of four playable characters in Left 4 Dead and then joined the Dead By Daylight Survivors in 2017. He has since become a firm favorite especially among cosplayers. His outfit is simple to recreate as it consists of a military beret, a pair of camo pants, and either a helicopter motif sweater or khaki jacket. Oh and, of course, the cigarette permanently hanging from his bearded mouth.

For inspiration from an accurate Bill cosplay, look no further than u/Grimsage99 on Reddit. He has perfected the cosplay by using a military hat, khaki pants and jacket. He has even grayed out his beard to really complete the look. A more bloodied Bill can be seen here from u/Electronic_Lead_9661 who has brought along a med kit that looks like it was taken straight out of the Dead By Daylight universe. Peek at the fearsome Huntress behind him readying her hatchet. Watch your back, Bill!

6. The Plague

plague dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Plague is the perfect cosplay for people who want to be grotesquely beautiful β€” this Babylonian Priestess look that will possibly take more effort and cost a bit more to put together than some of the previous entries. Her clothing is not too challenging and could be achieved by layering and wrapping strips of an old bed sheet, and utilizing some iron-on embellishments. Her headdress/mask is the real showstopper and could be created using gold wire and stiff cardboard, or perhaps even 3D printed.

ItsNotElsie on X/Twitter is a seasoned cosplayer and her Plague is fantastic. She has every detail covered from the headdress to the blackened limbs, and rotting flesh on her face. The whole process looks like it took hours, or even days! We are just glad she didn’t include the projectile puking we normally see from Vommy Mommy. Another cosplayer Ireny01 on X/Twitter brought us a stunning Plague cosplay which makes her look otherworldly. If it wasn’t for the blood spattered across her tunic we might be convinced she wasn’t a killer!

7. The Ghostface

ghostie dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Ghostie has been a classic Halloween costume since the release of Scream back in the 90s. His iconic mask, inspired by the famous 1893 Edvard Munch painting, is available to purchase pretty cheaply online or from your local costume store. The rest of it is loose, black clothing made to look a bit tattered, with a few blood splatters for effect. Add a simple cloth belt and black hood, and of course a (fake) knife, and you are good to go!

A Ghostface cosplay can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. On Dead By Daylight especially he has many outfits, masks, and creepy effects added to his main style. The outfit can be black or gray, or you could go in a totally wild direction and choose one of his red or scorched looks. There is even a goofy-looking mask inspired by his appearance in the Scary Movie franchise! u/BrokenSword1978 and his friend show us how it is done in their post on Reddit. To see how you can take Ghostie to a whole other level check out this UwU Ghostface posted by u/Babjork.

8. The Legion

Legion dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Just like the video game, Dead By Daylight cosplay can be so much more fun with friends. So here is one idea perfect for a group of cosplayers: The Legion. This Killer actually consists of a group of killer teens, each with their own personalities, costumes, and stabby implements. In the game you can only choose to play as one character, however if you gather three friends you can each pick to cosplay as Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey. Of course, there is no stopping you just dressing as the main guy, Frank, or donning a long pink wig and cosplaying as Susie if you intend on cosplaying alone. Their outfits are basic grunge/punk kids: plain or checked pants, leather jackets, fingerless gloves and those creepy scratched masks.

Dressing as the group is really effective as you can tell by this cute but murderous threesome posted on Reddit by u/Pending_Waifu. It looks like their group decided upon Susie, Frank, and Joey for their cosplay. You can really go to town with these costumes because each of the characters has quite a few designs to choose from, like this pair posted by u/Cryptavolt, or Susie and the bunny legion (good band name) posted by u/Stranger_Steve.

9. Bunny Feng Min

bunny feng min dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

This iconic Feng Min outfit is best known in Dead By Daylight as being annoyingly cute. She may be blinding you with flashlights or teabagging at the gate, but her ears flap about so endearingly that we can only forgive her. The design can be either a forest green or baby pink, depending on your preference. Either way it is super adorable and recognizably Dead By Daylight’s Feng. The bunny-eared hoody can actually be bought in a lot of places online including Etsy or Amazon, then can be paired with a simple denim skirt. Oh and don’t forget the flashie!

SirenSongCos on X/Twitter gives a great example of how you can achieve the Feng Min look without having to break the bank. Her hoodie is simple but clever, and paired with a smart skirt, toolbox and bloodied nose. RiRi Cosplay on Facebook has created a pretty accurate version, and even has her very own Huntress to tunnel her out of the game! If you don’t like the bunny version you could always do as u/GremlinzZzZ did and recreate the sporty Feng look with soccer jersey and shorts!

10. Michael Myers

michael myers dead by daylight
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive via Twinfinite

Our final entry is what could be considered the simplest, as all that is required is the Michael Myers mask and a boiler suit. The masks are no doubt sold in costume stores and online as it is from such a popular spooky month movie. Myers is a strong choice of cosplay because you don’t have to speak to anyone β€” instead you just stare ominously.

As he has appeared in many movies across the years, the state of his mask and coveralls is entirely up to you. In my opinion, the bloodier and grubbier the better! It looks like this Reddit user u/The RagingEnby agrees as you can see from his attempt at the very bloody Halloween Kills Michael Myers. And obviously, there is no stopping you from cosplaying as a gender-bending Michael Myers just like DoomKitty on Facebook has! Bloody brilliant.

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