Dead by Daylight: How to Use a Flashlight

How to Use a Flashlight in Dead by Daylight

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In Dead by Daylight, your flashlight will quickly become your best friend. Aside from obviously being able to see in dark places, a flashlight can also become a bit of a lifeline if the killer gets a little too close for comfort. With a well-time dazzle, players can use the flashlight to stun the killer in Dead by Daylight, to help aid your escape, or just save a friend being carried by the killer. As such, you’re probably wanting to know exactly what you need to know to use a flashlight in Dead by Daylight.

You can equip a flashlight before a match in order to use it during a game or you can find it in a treasure chest while running about the field. These flashlights can be used to blind the killer and if the killer happens to be carrying your friend, they will drop them (and you’ll get some extra bloodpoints) and will be stunned for a short amount of time. You need to either push the right mouse button to aim it, or the right trigger if you’re on a controller.

Flashlights work on all killers, but they’re pretty difficult to pull off. If you do happen to time it correctly, the light will be super beneficial to aiding your mates and getting the hell out of the way of the frightening killers. It’s almost impossible to get out of a killer’s grasp, so having the flashlight will really increase your chances of survival in Dead by Daylight. Always try to look for treasure chests on the map, which is a great way to grab ‘em.

Honestly, though, it’s pretty hard to master the “Killer Blind” technique. In the heat of the moment, it’s best to not bother trying to blind your killer as you’re leaving yourself open to getting hit. You should instead reserve it for when they’re standing still (say, if they’re camping a hook or if they’re looking at you from behind a barricade). Also note that, as is true with all items, the better quality the flashlight, the more effective it will be.

That’s all you need to know to summon a beacon of light in your darkest times in the game. Or, y’know, just what you need to know when it comes to how to use flashlights in Dead By Daylight. We prefer the former, more dramatic description. For more guides, tips, tricks, and wikis, be sure to search for Twinfinite – we got you covered.

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