Which Resident Evil Character Are You? Take This RE Quiz To Find Out

Is the power you've gained enough to not be human any more?

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The renowned Resident Evil franchise boasts a cast of unforgettable characters, from resilient heroes to cunning masterminds bent on world domination. Brace yourself, for I have crafted an intriguing personality quiz tailored to discern which of these illustrious protagonists aligns closest with your own persona.

And fear not, dear reader, as your responses to my thought-provoking questions shall be kept in the utmost confidence. Our impervious data infrastructure, developed by the esteemed Umbrella Corporation, ensures the utmost security of your answers.

Now, embark on this thrilling journey and answer each question with unwavering honesty. Once you have discovered your Resident Evil kindred spirit, we eagerly await your comment below. Should this captivating Resident Evil content ignite your curiosity, we invite you to explore the related RE content down below.

Which Iconic Resident Evil Character Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

The T-Virus is everywhere and the undead walk the streets -- what's your weapon of choice?
You need a safe place to wait out the apocalypse -- which of these sounds best?
You made it inside. What's your biggest concern now?
You explore a little and bump into a gruesome zombie frothing for your blood -- what do you do?
The next room you enter has a type writer and some ink ribbons. Save your progress?
Now it's time to upgrade your weapon -- what makes the most sense?
You press on and discover a friend laying injured on the floor -- something has bitten him and he looks sick. What do you do?
Before you have chance to react he stops you. He wants to be put out of his misery.
Clearly this location isn't safe. You need to make a hasty exit and then call in backup to go back for any survivors you might have left. What's the best strategy to exit?
Regardless of which path you chose, you've ended up in Umbrella's eerie laboratory. And from what you've read in various files and computers, something terrifying lurks its cold, empty hallways. What's your worst fear?
The monster(s) were brutal, but you had the last laugh. Now you can leave. Which vehicle do you chose?

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