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Top 10 Best PSVR2 Games That Will Have You Questioning Reality

Get your goggles on because there's some PSVR2 games you need to play!

With the PSVR2 emerging in the market, the world of virtual reality is staying strong and evolving with the times. The new headset improves upon its predecessor with 2,000 x 2,040 4K panels and a 110-degree field of view. Increased haptic feedback, vibrations, and eye-tracking will make you feel as one with the system. Once you put it on, it’s not just going to immerse you, it’s going to suck you in.

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There are plenty of scheduled and rumored games for the new headset, with a healthy mix of originals and rereleases/upgrades. In this list, we’ll take a look at the top 10 best PSVR2 games that you’ll be able to play sooner than later. Then make sure to check out our analysis on what it takes for the PSVR2 to succeed.

Resident Evil Village

Image Source: Capcom

Get ready to once again step into the world of Resident Evil, this time as an upgrade to the PS5 RE8 game. You’ll go an scary and creepy investigation as Ethan, the hero from Resident Evil 7, as you don your PSVR2 headset and get spooked. The demo for this title will be available for free come launch day, all the more reason to make sure you play it ASAP.

Gran Turismo

Image Source: Polyphony Digital

Nothing else can be said about Gran Turismo 7; it’s the reigning champion of racing simulator games. And what better way to really get behind the wheel for the ultimate visceral experience that inside the PSVR2 headset that also makes you feel like you’re donning a racing helmet? The VR update goes live on launch day for the PSVR2 and will be one of the many reasons you’ll want to get your hands on this new system.

Pistol Whip

Image Source: Cloudhead Games

Pistol Whip will be available as a free PSVR2 upgrade over the original PSVR title on launch day, but will feature enhanced haptic experiences. The helmet and vibrations are supposed to react to each click of your pistol, each reload, and even when bullets graze by your face. Enhanced 3D audio will also add a whole new level to the experience, along with overall better performance, possibly making this the best FPS shooter experience on any VR headset to date.


Image Source: Ramen VR

If it’s your dream to play an MMO in VR, Zenith is your best bet. It’s been holding on strong since its release on the PSVR and will be yet another free upgrade for PSVR2 owners on launch day. All of the updates for the game will carry over, and now that the PSVR2 is packed with more power, there’s more possibilities for this game (and all others) to evolve and push the limits of VR gaming.

Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition

Image Source: ILMxLAB

PSVR2 owners are in for a treat with this title that includes both of the original Quest releases. Utilizing the increased power of the PSVR2, this version promises to look better, play better, and be more epic overall. Once again, you’ll start out as a droid repair technician whose adventure begins after crash landing on the planet known as Batuu. After barely escaping from the intergalactic crew of criminals known as the Guavian Death Gang, you’ll be on your journey.

But it doesn’t end there, you’ll be able to switch your perspective to other characters like a Jedi and Droid bounty hunter. For Star Wars and Scifi fans, this experience will make your dreams come true – may the force be with you.

Tetris: Connected

Image Source: Resonair

Tetris is back again, this time as a more recent port of the PSVR title that brings slick visuals and party sounds for everyone to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Tetris or just a puzzle gamer in general, it’ll be hard to find anything in this genre that can compete with the timelessness and balance of simplicity and complexity that this game brings. Once you’re connected to this game, you’re in for a visceral experience that bombards you with lighting effects, colors, and sounds that will make Tetris more attractive and more complicated, for better or for worse.

Moss and Moss Book 2

Image Source: Polyarc

Moss and Moss Book 2 are two titles keeping the classic anthropomorphic tale of tiny mice alive and well within the sub-genres of fantasy. This game has you helping out a little mouse named Quill in a fantasy world as it journeys and battles all kinds of nasty monsters. The unique perspective of this game doesn’t put you in the first-person field of view; rather, you have more of a third-person perspective that allows you to oversee Quill and the world as you play. This game delivers adorable characters for those who want more than just realistic and dark adventure games on their PSVR2 and still possess enough challenges to satisfy fans of action, adventure, and fantasy.

The Last Clockwinder

Image Source: Pontoco

In The Last Clockwinder, you’re doing your part by helping a bunch of robots repairs a clock tower by interacting with the environment and programming your exact movements into the robots. If you want a robot to keep performing a specific action, you set it to record it, perform it yourself, and then after you finish your recording, the assigned robot will continue doing that action as long as you want them to. It sounds easy to start, and it is, but you’ll eventually have to record more complicated actions like throwing items, catching items, and using than one robot at a time. As you can now imagine, things will get hectic in no time.

The Tale of Onogoro

Image Source: Studio Amata K.K.

Studio Amata K.K. brings this new Japanese mythical fantasy story to the PSVR2 and later the PSVR. In The Tale of Onogoro, you enter a parallel world where you must help a shrine maiden named Hal defeat five beasts that threaten the safety of the world. The visuals have an anime-inspired and cel-shaded look that should satisfy anime and manga fans. The music and setting are also reminiscent of Japan and that’ll help players feel like they’ve been transported to an alternate reality of Japanese culture. 

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Image Source: Guerilla Games

Horizon Call of the Mountain piggybacks off one of PlayStation’s most popular franchises and carries with it lots of hype. Being able to take on a first-person perspective while experiencing the dangers of the world, from monsters to jumping across cliffs will be a thrilling adventure, to say the least. Your primary weapon appears to be the trademark Horizon bow and there already seem to be more than enough robotic dinosaurs to engage and slay.

That sums up the current 5 best PSVR2 games for now, but from the looks of Sony’s slate, they’ve got a lore more coming. VR hasn’t taken over pop culture the same way original video game consoles smart phone games have, but it’s going to be interesting time. Stick around for all of Twinfinite’s coverage on the PSVR2 and start saving up for the official PSVR2 release date.

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