Top 10 Best Anime of March 2023 You Should Watch
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Top 10 Best Anime of March 2023 You Should Watch

The cream of the Winter 2023 anime crop.

As we enter the final stretch of the Winter 2023 anime season, the field of truly noteworthy shows has narrowed considerably. Some rose above the pack thanks to their new takes on established genre conventions, while others offer a visual style that is a breath of fresh air compared to everything else vying for viewers’ attention. It’s for these reasons that they make our list of the top 10 anime of March 2023 you should watch.

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Trigun Stampede

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The further into its story Trigun Stampede gets, the more apparent it becomes that Orange Co. made the right call in giving the source material a 3D reinterpretation.

In addition to boasting exceptional action scenes which move and flow with a crispness that wouldn’t be possible in 2D, the new style has given the series a personality that is both distinctly Trigun and something new entirely. Redesigned characters feel familiar thanks to their personalities, but still manage to stand out thanks to their revised designs and expanded roles within the wider plot.

The fact that the series is moving at a brisk pace is only helping the series further. We’ve already arrived at some major plot points and reveals which have laid the groundwork for twists and confrontations later on, and the series has done so without skimming over any fun or necessary scenes from the original source material.

It’s exactly what fans could have hoped for, and any that are still on the fence about checking Trigun Stampede out should definitely take the plunge before the second cour starts next season.

Demon Slayer Season 3

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This one comes with a big old asterisk, as the third season of Demon Slayer isn’t set to premiere in earnest until the Spring 2023 anime season.

Instead, fans will be privy to a special pre-screening of the first episode of the Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village arc via a theatrical release taking place this month. Not only that, but the episode will be an hour in length and paired with the final battle from the Entertainment District arc. Screenings are scheduled across the country, with showings planned between Mar. 3 and Mar. 9.

It’s a pleasant teaser of what’s to come, and the promotional material released for the film has already revealed that most all of the series’ remaining villains will be showcased during the first episode’s runtime. Toss in the fact that it’ll almost certainly offer some next-level animation a la Ufotable, and there’s little reason not to carve out some time to view this top-tier Shonen in theatres.

Blue Lock

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Eight Bit

Even so many months after premiering, Blue Lock remains the sports anime to watch.

The tale of athletes embracing their egos to reach new heights of prowess in football remains a goofy yet enthralling premise, especially given the ever-rising stakes the characters are facing. It’s equal parts exhilarating, debilitating, and jaw-dropping to witness once beloved characters turned into new rivals while the team viewers end up routing for constantly shifts and evolves.

To be sure, it’s anyone’s guess how long the premise will maintain its novelty. We’re already seeing some recycled storylines in the form of protagonist Isagi repeatedly realizing the answer to his problems is to be more selfish, and the series never gets tired of hammering home that no one is an outright villain. For the time being though, it’s still entertaining, and you could do a lot worse than to spend 30 minutes a week watching the chaos of this show play out.

Vinland Saga

Screenshot by Twinfinite via MAPPA

While its slower pace might not be resonating with certain fans of the first season, Vinland Saga Season 2 remains a prime example of how to turn an established series on its head.

From the get-go, the show has made it clear that this season would focus less on outright action and more on the consequences of Thorfinn’s choices during his quest for revenge. This has proven to be for the best, as the once angsty little Viking has instead been able to form genuine connections with others while making peace with the fact that the years he spent up to this point were poorly utilized at best and wasted at worst.

Even if there are more action-heavy bits on the horizon, this polar-opposite approach to how the first season played out has been a breath of fresh air and props the series up as one any anime fan should watch.

My Hero Academia Season 6

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Bones

After what feels like years of build-up, My Hero Academia is finally headed toward its climactic final arcs and the long-awaited confrontation between One for All and All for One.

This has meant not only a drastic tonal shift for the story and character arcs but also a huge jump in both the pacing and quality of the show’s animation. Deku’s turn to vigilante-ism, and the more intense fights that have played out between himself and the villains wreaking havoc in the world, have reached the watermark fans were hoping it would reach during the show’s slower segments.

There’s still a ways to go until the final battle will be adapted, but fans who were turned off by the lapse in quality during past seasons should definitely come back and see how much the show has improved.

Buddy Daddies

Screenshot by Twinfinite via P.A. Works

At this point, there are two types of people when it comes to Buddy Daddies.

The first type is the person who has been keeping up with the series, and already knows everything I’m going to say about it. They know I’ll sing its praises for being a more realistic depiction of parenting and how kids really act, albeit with the added action elements of Miri’s hitmen fathers taking out criminals. They’ll already be well aware that its emotional moments hit like a semi truck, and its animation is at a level that will satisfy all but the snobbiest of sakuga connoisseurs.

The other type of person is someone who hasn’t checked out the show for whatever reason. If you’re the latter, all I can say is that you should check out Buddy Daddies as soon as possible. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Liden Films

While it may not have been the highest hurdle to clear, the most recent episodes of Tokyo Revengers have been some of its best.

Featuring a blend of drama, over-the-top brawls, and enough over-the-top declarations about the importance of friendship and manliness to make even the most hardened Shonen fan blush, the series has been firing on all cylinders. Takemichi’s victory against Taiju felt well-earned thanks to the pacing of the Christmas Showdown arc too, allowing for a great payoff to weeks of build-up toward the show’s biggest fight to date.

Even better is that the show doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The next arc is primed to capitalize on the momentum created by the second season’s first storyline, and should receive the same level of care and attention from Liden Films. it also marks one of the last high points the series will have before having to deal with some less-than-great source material, so you won’t want to miss the amazing build-up to the train wreck of a finale if you can help it.

NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a

Screenshot by Twinfinite via A-1 Pictures

After hitting a bit of a Covid-related speedbump, NieR: Automata Ver. 1.1a is back and better than ever.

The show continues to adapt the video game it’s based off of in a way that’s mostly one-for-one, but still manages to mix new elements in when it can. Small interactions between characters, and the way they’re animated with such detail and care, elevates key set pieces from the game in a way that newcomers and established fans can appreciate in equal measure. The art style is eye-catching, and the promise of gut-wrenching drama to come makes every new story beat that much more intriguing.

We can’t say for certain if it will maintain its release schedule indefinitely from this point on, but we still wholeheartedly recommend either going back to the series or giving it a shot before the season is out.

Tomo-Chan Is a Girl!

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Lay-duce

In all honesty, I didn’t expect to be mentioning Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! this far into the season. It functioned well enough to look promising back in January but also didn’t seem like a show with staying power.

And yet, it’s maintained a level of quality that’s hard to ignore. The show may be nothing revolutionary, but it still manages to handle the romantic hijinks, misunderstandings between characters, and emotions of its cast with a level of skill that makes it easy to come back to week after week. The budding romance between Tomo and Jun, and the awkwardness they both have to work through together, is endearing and heartwarming in a way that’s a blast to follow week after week.

Will it be for everyone? Probably not. But if you’re a fan of romance series, then you won’t be disappointed by what Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! has to offer.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack

Screenshot by Twinfinite via

Before going further, it should be stated plainly that Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro is no longer the show of choice for those that want to enjoy a trashy romance anime.

To be sure, some of the trashier elements are still there. Nagatoro bullies Senpai whenever she can, and the two continue to find themselves in all sorts of conundrums due to their awkward refusal to admit their feelings for one another.

However, it’s undeniable that the show has continued to edge closer toward becoming a much more wholesome experience. The couple have started to be more honest with each other about at least being interested, and have shown support for one another when they’re facing challenges in their lives ranging from illness to concerns about their self-worth.

For that reason, it’s an ideal show to turn to if you’re in need of a pick-me-up and stands among the best anime of March 2-23 you should watch.

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