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5 Villains Perfect for Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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The reveal of Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a rollercoaster of emotions for all of the Miles fans out there. A lot of us probably thought that Miles was getting his own sequel as a follow-up to Marvel’s Spider-Man, but sadly, we were a bit off the mark.

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Now that we’ve had some time to be upset accept the fact that Spider-Man: Miles Morales isn’t a sequel, but a standalone game, it’s time to list which villains we’d love to see in it as Miles steps into the role of Spider-Man.


Spider-Man Miles Morales Prowler
Source: Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Anyone who’s seen the Into the Spider-Verse movie from 2018 saw this entry coming a mile away. But just in case you haven’t, I won’t spoil anything about this villain. This choice is a no-brainer for Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Prowler is an important part of Miles’ origin story in both that movie and his first comic book run. He’s the first villain that Miles goes up against, and maybe the toughest for him to fight for a few emotional reasons.

It would honestly come as a bit of a shock if Prowler didn’t show up in this standalone game, but after playing Insomniac’s Spider-Man, I’m willing to trust them on this one.

Green Goblin

Spider-Man Miles Green Goblin
Source: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2013)

Next to the Prowler, Green Goblin is looking like the second most logical choice for Miles’ main villain in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

If you’ve played through Marvel’s Spider-Man, you know that Green Goblin has been teased a few times already. In the comics, Miles takes on the Ultimate universe Green Goblin (Norman Osborn). The same demonic-looking one that’s seen in the Spider-Verse movie.

From what we’ve seen in the game already, it looks like Harry might be the Goblin instead of his dad this time around. He’s being suspended in some kind of green fluid that looks like it has a 100% chance to turn him evil.

(Conrad Marcus)

Source: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011)

Many fans probably know Venom as being either Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson during his fights against Peter Parker. Miles originally comes from a different universe, so naturally, he fought against a different Venom.

Conrad Marcus is a biochemist at the Roxxon Corporation in the Ultimate universe. An appearance from him in Spider-Man: Miles Morales could mean a new Venom is on the way.

This Venom is another villain that plays a huge part in Miles’ story early on in the comics, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise for him to show up for this standalone game.

(Quentin Beck)

Source: Symbiote Spider-Man (2019)

Mysterio is another villain that was seen pretty recently on the big screen. He was the main villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home last year, and he’s gone toe-to-toe with Miles Morales before.

Quentin Beck is a master of illusions, so just like the young Peter in Far From Home, Miles might have a bit of trouble taking him on as he gets used to his own new powers.

It doesn’t amount to much, but Insomniac even threw a Mysterio reference into the base game by having someone dress up as the villain for a costume party.


Source: All-New Ultimates (2014)

Diamondback might just be the least likely villain to be added in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but she’d be cool to see nonetheless.

Similar to Silver Sable and Black Cat, Diamondback has no powers, but she’s talented in other areas. She’s skilled at hand-to-hand combat and can throw her poison-tipped weapons with pinpoint accuracy.

In the comics, she has run-ins with Miles as a member of the Serpent Skulls gang. She was trained at Taskmaster’s academy, so it isn’t exactly that far-fetched to have her appear in a more minor villain role in the same way that Taskmaster did.

Having to take down Diamondback and the Serpent Skulls would fit right in gameplay-wise with the base game.

Miles goes up against a number of bad guys in comic runs, shows, and his movie. If there are any that you’d want to see that we missed, let us know below!

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