How to Complete Pilgrim's Footsteps side quest in diablo 4
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How to Complete Pilgrim’s Footsteps in Diablo 4

Follow Akarat's example and the solution to the riddle will show itself.

In Diablo 4, the side quest ‘Pilgrim’s Footsteps’ has you solving a riddle: Walk the road of faith to a lone desert chapel. Stand at Akarat’s feet, follow his example, and be rewarded. Sounds simple enough, right? Riddles aren’t for everyone, though, so if you can’t seem to figure it out, here’s how to complete Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest in Diablo 4.

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How to Pilgrim’s Footsteps Riddle in Diablo 4

To start the side quest in Diablo IV, Pilgrim’s Footsteps can be found in the west, among the sands and ruins of Kehjistan.

where to start pilgrim's footsteps in diablo 4
Image Source: Blizzard via Twinfinite

There’s an old tome you’ll find in the Amber Sands, along the western coast. Interacting with the book will start the quest, much like another side quest, The Traveler’s Superstition.

  1. Read the Old Book in the Amber Sands.

    Like many of these riddles, it starts with a bit of reading. You’ll find an Old Book on the ground. Reading it will start Pilgrim’s Footsteps. Mark it as your active quest and head to the the old book to start the pilgrim's footsteps in diablo 4

  2. Stand in front of the statue of Akarat and open the Emote Wheel.

    If you’re using a controller, it’s ‘Up’ on the D-pad, but ‘E’ on the keyboard to bring up the Emote Wheel.

  3. Select the ‘Follow’ emote.

    The ‘Follow’ emote should already be an option by default, unless you’ve made changes yourself. If you choose to customize your Emote Wheel, you can add the emote back in.use the follow emote to complete pilgrim's footsteps in diablo 4

After you’ve made the proper sign, a chest will appear nearby containing some loot and elixirs. This is in addition to gold and experience for completing the quest, though the amount varies based on your level.

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That’s everything that goes into completing Pilgrim’s Footsteps in Diablo 4. These riddles tend to have the answer right in the writing. See, you ‘followed’ Akarat’s example. For more related content, you’ll find more on Diablo using the links below!

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