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Anime Max Simulator Codes

Start your shonen journey off on the right foot.

Updated: June 11, 2024

We added the latest codes!

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In the world of Anime Max Simulator, being the strongest is your ultimate goal. It’s like being in your own shonen anime, but in this Roblox game, you get to face off against a variety of popular anime characters.

If you don’t want to start off as an utter noob, you can always use some Anime Max Simulator codes to gain extra power right off the bat.

All Working Anime Max Simulator Codes

This time around, Anime Max Simulator has a bunch of free items for you to collect, so you’ll want to get your hands on them as soon as possible:

  • TRIALSRETURN: 40 Socu Fingers, 100 Premium Gems, and 30 Crystals (New)
  • 20KLikes: 40 Socu Fingers (New)
  • 200kMembers: 20 Premium Gems (New)
  • UPD17: 15 Gold (New)
  • UPDATE16.4: 20 Gold and 200 Premium Gems (New)
  • UPDATE16: Gold and Potions
  • SORRYNOTRIALS: Gold and Potions
  • DATAFIX: Gold and Potions
  • SRRY4DELAY: Gold and Potions
  • SORRY2: x1 Luck Potion
  • UPDATE15: Gold and Potions
  • UPDATE12: x10 Premium Gems, x150 Crystals and x40 Golds
  • 5KLikes: x10 Premium Gems and Potions
  • MEGADelay: x40 Socu Fingers and x40 Golds
  • 100Likes: x1 of each Power, Luck, Exp, Drops, Yen, Damage
  • 500LIKES: x30 Socu Fingers, x30 Gold, x20 Crystals
  • BugsFixed: x1 of each Power, Luck, Exp, Drops, Yen, and Damage Potions
  • SorryForDelay: x2 of each Power, Luck, Exp, Drops, Yen, and Damage Potions
  • SubToYuki22: x1 of each Exp and Drops Potions
  • SWORDS: x3 Damage Potions
  • UPDATE7: x50 Crystals, x3 of each Power, Luck, Exp, Drops, Yen, and Damage Potions

As usual, it’s important you redeem these codes immediately in Roblox, especially with all the free potions you get. Potions don’t have to be used right away, only when you’re ready to grind.

All Expired Codes in Anime Max Simulator

Anime Max Simulator has had a pretty good run, so naturally, it has a bunch of codes you just can’t redeem anymore. Don’t bother trying to redeem these:

  • FirstShutdown
  • Re-Release
  • FixesToMarks
  • TrialShutdown
  • 1KLikes
  • MiniUpdate
  • Thanks500Likes
  • ThxFor10KVisits
  • WOAH25KVisits
  • DropFixes
  • ShutdownAfterUpdate
  • FixRaidBoss
  • YenForAll
  • Thx100Likes
  • Release
  • ReleaseDelay
  • FixCommands
  • UpdateServer
  • UpdateServers
  • AfterUpd

How to Redeem Codes In-Game

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As soon as you jump into Anime Max Simulator, you can collect free rewards right away. You don’t have to bother with a tutorial or anything, like Whiteout Survival.

  1. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a Twitter icon. That’s the code redemption page. Select it to open.
  2. Type in an available code. They are not case-sensitive, but do get the spelling right.
  3. Select Redeem and the rewards are yours!

Do that for all the Anime Max Simulator codes and you can walk away with a pretty hefty bounty. That’s the end of Roblox codes though. We have a bunch of code guides here at Twinfinite, which you can find links for down before. If you love anime, you may want to try out A Piece!

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