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Latest Warzone 2 Vondel Map Leaks Suggest a Major Rebrand Is Coming in Season 4

Warzone's Vondel Map is set to change a lot – and maybe even the BR's name!

Warzone 2 character with weapon, next to Warzone 2.0 logo with 2.0 crossed out Activision

An emergent image, reportedly showing a first glimpse of Warzone 2’s Vondel battle royale map, has also pointed to a major name change and rebranding of Warzone 2.0 – just 6 or so months after it released.

It probably won’t be news to you that Warzone 2 Season 4 is set to bring a new battle royale environment called Vondel. We’ve known for a while it will be set in the Netherlands and developed by support studio Beenox. It promises a new environment on Al Mazrah’s scale but, hopefully, more in the way of traditional WZ fun.

Now, an emergent image, advertising an upcoming song by Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens, appears to give us a glimpse of the map itself and point to a major Warzone rebranding with Season 4.

Warzone 2 Vondel Map First Look

The image, shared to Reddit after it surfaced from Dutch record label Spinnin’ Records, advertises an upcoming song by Heldens called ‘Sounds of Vondel’. It is set to release on June 12, 2023, just two days ahead of Warzone 2 Season 4.

In the image’s background, there is a clearly discernible suburban area, which many believe to be our first proper look at Vondel. In fact, eagle-eyed players have matched areas to previously leaked photos, further adding to excitement about its accuracy.

Interestingly, the Warzone logo attached to the image is also different to the ‘Warzone 2.0’ logo that has become the symbol of the battle royale sequel.

This has fuelled speculation, seemingly confirmed by reputable insiders CharlieIntel on June 6, that Warzone 2.0 will be rebranded and renamed as just ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ once again. That’s the name its predecessor had for its entire life-cycle.

It’s certainly a surprising development; Warzone 2.0 only released back in November of 2022 and, just over 6 months later, it’s allegedly being rebranded and renamed. All reports indicate that it’s not been as popular as Activision hoped and we certainly haven’t enjoyed it as much as the first battle royale.

A lot of fans mocked the changes, taking it as confirmation that the BR sequel has been a let down. One player commented: “They lost the original community. No reason to say 2.0 anymore.” Another said echoed the sentiment, saying: “That’s cause it wasn’t a “2.0” product. It was more of a “0.5” product at launch”.

Here’s hoping that Warzone 2.0 can get back on track with Season 4. We’ll have everything from the new season covered right here on Twinfinite. In the meantime, peruse the related content below for all you need to know.

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