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How to Get Ash Williams Operator Skin in Warzone & MW2

This man can't catch a break...

Warzone and MW2 are set to receive a host of changes thanks to the recently released Season 6. This season introduces new maps, new weapons, a chunk of balancing, and most importantly, Halloween-ready operators. Ash Williams is the classic fit for this new Halloween inspired update and is sure to spark nostalgia from the older generations. Want to find out how to get the Ash Williams Operator Skin in Warzone and MW2? Groovy, let’s do it.

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How to Get the Ash Williams Operator Skin in Warzone and MW2

Evil Dead‘s protagonist Ash Williams will be available to purchase on the in-game Call of Duty store. The exact times and dates for the drop have yet to be revealed. But fear not! We will update you the moment the news drops. It is nice to see Activision continue to look beyond the traditional armored soldier in full camo, in this instance looking as far back as 1981!

Ash Williams

Ash Willaims Warzone 2 Operator Bundle

The former supermarket clerk turned demon hunter arrives to battle the underworld entities spewing forth from the Hellmouth. The price is expected to be at 2,400 CoD points as it contains all the bells and whistles that similar bundles offer.

This bundle includes:

  • Ash Operator
  • Boomstick Shotgun Weapon Blueprint
  • Groovy Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • Boomstick Boogie Finishing Move
  • Chainsaw Weapon Charm
  • Deadites Sticker
  • Evile Dead 2 Loading Screen
  • Evil Dead Emblem

That’s everything we know about how to get the Ash Williams operator skin in Warzone and MW2. Be sure to watch out for the mid-season dropping on October 17th and, as always, be confident in the knowledge that your purchase will carry forward to MW3.

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