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Call of Duty The Haunting Event: Release Date, Start Time & What to Expect

Halloween is fast-approaching!

Halloween is just around the corner, and with the spooky month comes many scary-themed updates and events in gaming. Call of Duty is no exception, as we are treated to the Haunting event that spans across Warzone, DMZ, and MW2 and goes live in mid-October. So let’s take a look at the haunting and what to expect.

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Call of Duty The Haunting Release Date & Start Time

As mentioned in the Call of Duty blog post published on Sept. 21, the Haunting event will begin on Oct. 17 and bring with it a host of events, maps, and modes. Expect to see more Operators with their horror theme and more additions to the spooky Battle Pass. The Event is set to go live at 9 a.m. PST.

Call of Duty The Haunting Roadmap

The Haunting Event for Warzone 2 Roadmap

Activision has given fans a comprehensive look at what to expect for the event. They revealed the ‘Most Wanted’ creatures in all their ugly glory, the Zombie Quarantine in Vondead, and the Nighttime variant of Al Mazrah. Once again, Activision has also confirmed that their Operator Bundles will all Carry Forward to MW3.

With all the newly confirmed goodies we cannot wait to jump into the event on October 17.

What to Expect in Warzone

Key Art for Warzone Season 6 Haunting Event
Image Source: Activision

Warzone is ready to receive a few new additions in the Haunting Event that will shake up the content offered and get everyone into that Halloween mood.

Zombie Royale

Zombie Royale turns the entirety of the Battle Royale into a massive game of infection. Fallen operators will rise from the dead to infect the survivors until there is only one team left standing, which offers a unique spin on the usual gameplay mechanics. Zombified teammates remain allied though, so even when rotten corpses, your allies can be helpful.

Juiced-up Zombies even the playing field of kitted-out Operators though, so expect your enemy to not go down without a fight. You can play Zombie Royale on both Vondead and Al Mazrah.

Vondead Lockdown

Vondead Lockdown is just a giant game of Hardpoint, and those who experienced the limited-time mode in Season 4 will know what to expect. For those that didn’t, you drop into Vondel with your full loadout and are tasked with capturing the Hardpoint to claim victory. However, the major difference in this new iteration is the change to nighttime. Night vision is going to go hard on this mode!

The new Point of Interest in Vondead is the Zombie Quarantine, it is unsure what types of horrors you will find. Friendly A.I? More hordes of Zombies? Your guess is as good as ours.

Operation Nightmare

Information on Operation Nightmare is fairly light and much of what could be known is [[Redacted]] in the Call of Duty blogpost.

What we do know is that Al Mazrah is set to receive a nighttime makeover. Expect to drop in under the light of the moon as reports of monstrosities have been sighted throughout the AO. It is your job to investigate and ultimately hunt down these ‘Most Wanted’ targets.

Two new Points of Interest have been released.

  • The Marshlands
  • The Parted Seas

Activision has confirmed the creatures you will be hunting during the event.

  • The Pharaoh
  • The Swamp Creature
  • Evil Spirits
  • The UFO
  • The Butcher (Found in Vondead and Al Mazrah)

We know for certain that a Mastery Blueprint is up for grabs that is linked to eliminating these creatures, but there will be more rewards to claim during the event alongside it.

The Haunted Box is an uncommon drop from felled zombies or found randomly around the maps. It spills out plates, ammunition, and equipment, acting like a mutated Armor and Munitions Box. Take extreme care when opening these boxes, lest you’re devoured by the living maw that has possessed these containers!

The Bloodseeker Grenade is fashioned into the shape of a Vampire and similar to its namesake, this grenade latches onto an enemy and highlights them in thermal vision. Do note that an oddity prevents this gadget from attaching to Operators underwater.

What to Expect in DMZ

Call of Duty The Haunting Event Explained: Release Date, Gameplay, & Leaks
Image Source: Infinity Ward

Activision has confirmed that DMZ will be getting all the bells and whistles of the Haunting event that is coming to Warzone. As such, Vondead will be filled to the brim with Zombies and Al Mazrah will be set in the dead of night with supernatural ‘Most Wanted’ targets ready to be hunted.

It seems the DMZ event is simply a more relaxed approach to completing any missions and challenges available during the Haunting, so players don’t need to worry about feeling the constant pressure of the gas circle closing in around them.

What to Expect in Modern Warfare 2

MW2 is getting two Halloween-themed re-skinned maps.

  • El Asilo celebrates Día de los Muertos
  • Embassy becomes the site of a bloody zombie attack.

There are also frightening twists on classic game modes that will keep your heart pumping in anticipation. You can expect unspecified twists on Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Drop Zone, and, of course, Infected. Activision warns you to watch for jump scares, skulls, zombies, and more!

A new 24/7 Mosh-Pit event mode will feature three game modes with spooky twists.

  • Grind
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Domination

Infected and Drop Zone will be their own mode and will not be a part of the 24/7 Mosh-Pit.

Some specific equipment will be given a spooky overhaul to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. The Decoy grenade will feature haunting voices and screams. Secondly, the Suppression Mine will feature spooky visuals of skulls, faces, and horror images that will shock both your visual and auditory senses.

Soul Capture Event

The Soul Capture Event is similar to the Trophy Hunt Event in Season 3 and serves as the main way to receive rewards for playing in the event. Once you score a kill on an enemy player, they drop a Soul, capture it by simply running over the object and it will be added to your total. Trade in the souls you capture for rewards throughout the Haunting event. Souls can be captured from any enemy player across DMZ, Warzone, and MW2, so pick your poison.

That’s everything we know about Call of Duty’s The Haunting Event. Be sure to stick around with us at Twinfinite as we continue to cover these events as well as the lead-up to Modern Warfare 3.

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