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How To Make Snipers One-Hit In Warzone 2

Kit to one-hit!

Warzone 2’s third season un-changed recent changes in the battle royale, meaning sniper rifles can one-hit fully armored enemies under certain conditions. Here, we’re detailing how to get one-hit snipers in Warzone 2, as well as explaining which can and can’t.

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Can Sniper Rifles One-Hit Kill in Warzone 2? Answered

Right now, bolt-action sniper rifles are capable of one-hitting a fully armored enemy. Back in Season 2, the devs made it so that incendiary ammunition would cause enough damage after a initial bullet impact to down enemies. They quickly undid that change in February 2023, explaining that it was implemented in error.

However, we since saw one-hit snipers return with the St Patrick’s Day Event, even just for a limited time. Raven have since revealed that change has been made permanent with Season 3, which dropped on April 12.

They explained: “After testing in our Saint Patrick’s Day Event, we are adding One-Hit-Down Snipers to create added variety in combat playstyles. Bolt-action snipers equipped with Explosive Ammunition will be able to down enemies with one skill shot. The MCPR-300 has also had Explosive Ammunition added to its progression.”

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How To Get One-Hit Snipers In WZ2

So, what do you have to do to make your bolt-action sniper rifles one-hit? The answer is to equip the incendiary ammunition attachment and aim for headshots.

Hitting a headshot and then letting the incendiary ammo burn through an enemy will deal enough damage to down an opponent, even one with full armor plates and health.

The only snipers confirmed as being able to do so are the bolt-action ones, meaning that semi-auto options, like the Signal 50, can’t one-hit right now. They do retain a much faster rate of fire though, somewhat balancing their overall weaker damage capabilities.

It’s sure to be a popular change with the player base and, now you know how to make sniper rifles one-hit knocks in Warzone 2, check out our best sniper rifles list to piece together which you should be using. Otherwise, the related content below will have something for you.

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