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Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren in Attack on Titan?

The star-crossed lovers.

Mikasa and Eren’s relationship has certainly had its ups and downs, from the promise of forever in Season 2 to the heartbreaking quarrel of the last season.

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So, now that our very own Romeo and Juliet have finally reached their end, we’ll explain why Mikasa kills Eren in the Attack on Titan finale.

Was There a Reason Mikasa Killed Eren in Attack on Titan? Answered

Althought the Rumbling stopped in its tracks, the fate of humanity still rested on the Titan wielders and the elite Ackermans, as the source of all living matter made its way to Eren. However, since the Titan wielders were occupied with the remaining opposing forces, it’s up to Levi and Mikasa to finally bring an end to this madness. Here, Mikasa makes the difficult decision to kill Eren to save the rest of humanity.

You could also say that Mikasa chooses to do this in order to set her and Eren free from the shackles of an unjust world. More importantly, she is no longer confined to him after her long reign of remaining loyal to him for all those years. This is one of the reasons why Ymir is ultimately freed from King Fritz, allowing the two once-imprisoned characters to stand proudly alone.

Mikasa and Eren’s time at the cabin added more fuel to the fire regarding her decision to kill, as it helped her get some much-needed closure.

Eren and Mikasa holding each other in Attack on Titan
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Despite Eren instructing her to throw away the famous scarf to forget him, Mikasa displays yet another act of independence when she ties the garment around her neck just before her final strike. So, even though she was the one who killed him, it wasn’t necessarily out of spite and more as an act of love. She also believes that they will one day cross paths again when she tells him, “I’ll see you later, Eren,” possibly hinting at an afterlife.

Now that we’ve covered why Mikasa kills Eren (you can put away your tissue box now), be sure to explore the relevant links below for more Attack on Titan content, including Levi’s reasoning for killing Zeke.

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