How Many Titans Are in the Rumbling in Attack on Titan? Answered
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How Many Titans Are in the Rumbling in Attack on Titan? Answered

They were packed into those walls like clowns in a clown car!

While it’s undeniable that The Rumbling is one of the most terrifying things to come out of Attack on Titan, there’s plenty that’s left unexplained even after it concludes. Key among the questions left unanswered is how many titans are in the Rumbling in Attack on Titan, and whether or not they truly could enact the devastation they were promised to cause the world at large.

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We had the same question, and after doing some research, we’ve arrived at an answer. Do be warned though: We will need to dig into *Minor Spoilers* for the ending of the series.

How Many Titans Does the Rumbling Summon in Attack on Titan? Explained

To determine the exact number of Titans that are in the Rumbling in Attack on Titan, we’ll need to crunch some numbers related to how big they are and how big the walls on Paradis Island are.

Early on in the series, it’s established that all of the walls are 50 meters tall. Likewise, it has been established through an exhaustive breakdown by series fan Escobar’s secret lair AI that the circumference of the walls totals roughly 2,500 meters, and that each Rumbling Titan is estimated to be 13 meters wide.

It’s also worth noting that the walls aren’t perfectly spherical in shape and layout, meaning that there is some room for additional space that could be filled by the Rumbling Titans that make up the walls. Likewise, the claims by King Fritz of there being millions of Titans within the walls wouldn’t be feasible, especially since it has been stated that Paradis is based off of Madagascar in terms of its size and shape.

Through all of this information, we can estimate that there would be roughly 210,000 Titans being used for the Rumbling. While not quite as deadly as the millions originally advertised, they would still be nearly the same size and scale as the Colossal Titan, providing them with the same destructive potential as Bertholdt or Armin.

They could deal an extreme amount of damage by spreading themselves out as well, with the layered formation shown in the manga and anime allowing them to trample the largest surface area possible without gaps being created in the event of some being killed. This, in addition to the speed at which they traveled, was how they were able to kill as many people as they did once all was said and done.

Hopefully this cleared up how many Titans are in the Rumbling in Attack on Titan. For more on the series, we’ve got some other related articles down below that can help you expand your knowledge regarding characters, plot points, and more.

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