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This Hogwarts Legacy Patch Makes the Game Look And Run Better Than Ever

Flying on Hippogriffs in Hogwarts Legacy patch
Image via Warner Bros. Games

This Hogwarts Legacy Patch Makes the Game Look And Run Better Than Ever

A nice spell to get rid of all the bugs.

Hogwarts Legacy is getting its latest batch of updates with a March 8, 2023 patch. As a whole, the patch is geared toward improving performance, stability, and online connection issues. 

Between the long list of bug fixes, crash solutions, and even improved connectivity updates, there are several small changes that fix issues many in the community had. Some of the most upfront ones are visual updates. 

For starters, the female character model in the open world and cinematics have been updated to better match the character creator screen. Prior to the update, players were frustrated as female faces in the game all looked the same outside of the character creation tool.

There were other visual changes both in cinematics and the overworld. Cloaks and robes should appear better in cinematics, and even characters without hair have improved head models. 

One significant bug that was fixed deals with the Take the Biscuit quest. The quest was glitchy for a lot of players, and due to it centering around rescuing an innocent Mooncalf, people were more frustrated than normal.

With all these bug fixes, players may be ready to hop in and try achieving a different storyline ending. Hogwarts Legacy will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on May 5, 2023, and the Nintendo Switch on July 25, 2023.

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