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New Genshin Impact Story Teaser Finally Gives More Information About its Witches

Genshin Impact Mages Tea Party
Image via Hoyoverse

New Genshin Impact Story Teaser Finally Gives More Information About its Witches

We’re finally going to see more about the infamous Hexenzirkel soon

Genshin Impact officially released more information about the Hexenzirkel, the coven of witches, or mages, in the game. The two-minute-long story teaser confirms many leaks while giving players a new look at what’s coming up in the story after this year’s Windblume’s Breathe Event

The first bit of the trailer goes into the fact that the Hexenzirkel is actually a secret society that’s quite powerful – it challenged the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, at some point in history. However, Barbatos asked them to “resolve our conflicts through song,” and the group has lived by that statement since.

Well, almost. The trailer explained that the mages come together over tea parties in order to solve their differences while vowing to never fight each other (perhaps a bit of foreshadowing). 

The trailer also gave us an update on who is actually in the Hexenzirkel. Five of them were named: Alice, Ivanovna, Rhinedottir, Andersdotter, and Barbeloth. However, there are seven place settings at the tea party, which means there are two more characters that aren’t named. 

Interestingly, the end of the story trailer mentions the sky falling down, a consistent reference that players have seen throughout story missions that deal with the Traveler and their Sibling. This could mean that the Hexenzirkel has something to do with Khanrei’ah, which would make sense considering part of the group’s duties is exploring Irminsul. 

There’s no mention of when this story will be released, but considering the game’s only a week into 3.5, it could be a while.

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