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How to Get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest

How to craft the Red Mask
Image Source: Endnight Games

How to Get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest

Behind the mask.

Getting marooned on a remote tropical island sounds like a real treat… until you find out that the oasis you’ve crash-landed onto is teeming with nightmarish monsters and flesh-munching cannibals – there’s always a catch, right? While you’re on your quest for survival, you may come across some handy pieces of armor that may aid you on your journey. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about how to get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest.

How to Craft the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest

First things first, in order to craft a Red Mask in Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need a 3D Printer. If you’re struggling to find one, you can check out our dedicated guide right here. Usually, 3D Printers are found at the Green Markers on your GPS.

How to Get Red Mask in Sons of the Forest, 3D Printer
Image Source: Endnight Games via Twinfinite

Once you’ve located a 3D Printer, you’re going to need 150 Printer Resin in order to craft the Red Mask. Printer Resin is the component you need to craft items with the 3D Printer. For those wondering, Printer Resin can be found scattered around bunkers on shelves and can also be found in crates as loot.

Once you have both 150 Printer Resin and a 3D Printer, simply follow these steps to create a Red Mask:

  • Firstly, interact with the laptop on the table next to the 3D Printer.
  • Next, select the Red Mask using the R key.
  • Press the E key to print out the Red Mask.
  • Pick up the Red Mask from the 3D Printer using the E button.

What Does the Red Mask Do in Sons of the Forest? Answered

The Red Mask in Sons of the Forest offers some protection to the user, but it also boasts an additional ability. More specifically, the Red Mask can potentially influence other cannibals to be more passive towards you. It’s not 100% guaranteed, as there’s a chance that it won’t work against all cannibals – especially cannibals that you’ve already been violent towards.

However, when wearing the Red Mask, there’s a chance that other cannibals may not attack you straightway, which will give you the opportunity to either give them a wide berth or attack them when they least expect it.

So, that brings us to the end of our guide. Hopefully, this has helped to shed some light on how to get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest. For more, here’s what happened to us recently when our loveable sidekick Kelvin died. Or, if you’d rather, check out the relevant links below.

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