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How to Get Root of Nightmare Raid Race Twitch Emblem in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid
Image Source: Bungie

How to Get Root of Nightmare Raid Race Twitch Emblem in Destiny 2

Watch the race, get an Emblem (or two).

The excitement of the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmare Raid Race is well underway, with gamers from all over the globe competing to get that coveted spot of World First. The competition is fierce, and players are able to tune in to watch all their favorite streamers – or discover new ones during the event. Fans can check out the official Twitch Rivals stream for up-to-the-minute coverage – but with a new Twitch event comes new emblems for players to claim. Here is how fans can claim the brand new Root of Nightmare Raid Race Emblem in Destiny 2.

How Players Can Earn The Root Of Nightmare Raid Race Emblem In Destiny 2

Part of the fun of Twitch, besides watching the streamers play through challenging content, is getting the Twitch drops. These drops are earned from watching specific streams during events for a set amount of time. Once the viewer has watched for the required time, they will earn a Twitch Drop. For the Root of Nightmare Raid Race Emblem, there are two of them that players can earn. 

Image Source: Bungie

The first emblem, “Dim Italics” can be earned by players for watching the Twitch Rivals channel or any participant stream for at least two hours during the Twitch Rivals event, which begins at 8:30 AM PST on March 10th.

Image Source: Bungie

The second emblem, “Particle Acceleration”  can be earned by watching any Destiny 2 streamer on Twitch for a minimum of two hours during the 48 hours of Contest Mode, which begins at 9:00 AM PST on March 10th.

How to Fix Twitch Drops Not Appearing in Destiny 2

Players will want to make sure that their Destiny 2 account is linked with their Twitch account. If this is done, players can go into their profile, and then head to Drops. Once in the Drops, they will see which drops they have earned and can be claimed on their account. If they have not earned the drops yet, they can see how much time is remaining before they become eligible.

Bungie’s support team has also weighed in, advising of same.

Some commenters are still reporting issues, though at this stage the cause or nature of this is unclear and appears to be intermittent. For this reason, it could potentially come down to user error, however if we receive further information advising otherwise, we will update accordingly.

With enough time spent watching Twitch and learning the mechanics, players can claim their Root of Nightmare Raid Emblem from Twitch for Destiny 2.

For more information on Destiny 2 including exotics, weapons, and character builds, check out our guides section and become the ultimate Guardian.

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