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How to Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy (Hard Difficulty)


How to Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy (Hard Difficulty)

You’ll need to sharpen your wand skills for this tough fight!

For the truly ambitious players who are tackling Hogwarts Legacy on Hard Difficulty, there are countless challenges to overcome all manner of enemy encounters that require both careful planning and of course impeccable wand dexterity. Ensuring you have your spell hotbars properly arranged and your gear well-upgraded will make all the difference, especially when it comes to defeating the final boss of the game, Ranrok. If you’re having a rough time overcoming the fearless goblin leader, have no fear. Here is our guide for how to defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy (Hard Difficulty).

The Complete Final Boss Fight With Ranrok (Hard Difficulty)

The final fight with Ranrok is broken up essentially into four main phases. Along with a detailed explanation of each phase, we’ve included unique tips for overcoming some of the difficult mechanics. Ranrok has very high health as well as defense and offense stats, so make sure to be well-stocked on all of your buff potions like Edurus, Focus, and Maxima. Also, having a maxed-out and upgraded ancient magic meter will be a very good way to start things off.

Phase 1

You’ll start the fight by sliding down to a large platform for your first encounter. In this phase, you’ll want to focus on dodging Ranrok’s attacks, especially important on Hard Mode, and attack the different colored orbs that appear beside him with a same-colored spell. He’ll open with a fire breath attack, so simply roll dodge away from it.

Hogwarts Legacy how to attack the colored orbs in final boss fight with Ranrok.
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

After that, he’ll fire various projectiles toward you, so either dodge those or cast well-timed Protego spells that you can follow up with Stupefy. The molten rock projectiles he fires you can re-direct back at him for extra damage, so catch those when you can. Make sure you’ve got consistent offensive spells going out, and buff your defense, cooldowns, and damage with your potions.

Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok on hard difficulty
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

For his straight-line fire-breathing attack, dodge to the left and then re-direct the red rock that comes flying your way back at him for more damage.

Soon he’ll become untargetable and you’ll need to get ready to cast a flurry of spells at orbs that spawn around him. Again make sure the spell you cast is the same color as the orb. Upon impact, Ranrok will be stunned and targetable again. Resume your spell barrage until he repeats the process a few more times. Continue whittling down his health until it reaches the first threshold on the big red bar. This will trigger the next phase.

Phase 2

Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok on hard difficulty.
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

Going into the second phase, you’ll run down a path to another platform while continuing to dodge Ranrok’s projectile attacks. Be sure to make good use of your upgraded dodge to swiftly evade them.

Upon reaching the next platform, Ranrok will repeat the same mechanic that makes him untargetable, but this time you’ll need to hit 2 colored orbs instead of one to stun him and make him targetable again. While this happens he’ll continue shooting his fire attacks, and due to their quick cast and lack of visual cues for when they happen, you’ll need to focus on dodging those and re-directing the same molten projectiles back at him. He’ll also emit a sphere-shaped energy attack that expands across the arena. Simply dodge into the attack as it passes.

Once you’ve got that in check, you can then focus on another barrage of offensive spells. Again, remember your potion buffs. Chip away at his HP until the next threshold on the health bar is reached, which will trigger the third phase.

Phase 3

Hogwarts Legacy sphere attack from Ranrok on hard difficulty.
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

Proceed down another path, which you’ll be safe on as he flees down to the last and biggest platform of the fight. Once he morphs back into his dragon form, prepare to repeat many of the same dodge mechanics. Again he’ll become untargetable, and in this phase you will need to hit 3 consecutive colored orbs to stun him out of it.

Once you knock about a third of the last bar of his health away, he’ll trigger the final phase of the fight.

Phase 4

Hogwarts Legacy final phase of Ranrok fight on hard difficulty.
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

For the final phase of the fight, Ranrok will fall to the ground, now making it harder for him to dodge your attacks. However, as tempting as it may be to hard focus on damage here, he also becomes arguably the most dangerous in this phase as his attacks go off in a quicker fashion and in closer proximity. So be sure to take your time to dodge his desperate barrage of attacks until you find a good opening.

This time, just as with the first three phases, you will need to target and destroy colored orbs to stun him. Be cautious as they can appear low to the ground behind him now, like the purple orb in the picture above. You’ll need to destroy 4 orbs to make him targetable. Given the necessity of dodging his attacks as much as possible, this may take a little bit of time, so don’t panic and time your attacks properly.

Beware that he’ll incorporate a new charge attack in this phase as well, so be sure to stay quick on your feet and dodge that also.

Hogwarts Legacy how to defeat Ranrok in final phase.
Image Source: Warner Bros via Twinfinite

Once you get his HP down to nearly zero, he’ll disappear into a mass of dark magic and circle the room. He’ll then drop back down on the ground in his dragon form and immediately case a fire attack at you, so be ready to dodge as soon as he reappears. Destroy 3 more orbs to bring his health to zero, spelling victory for you.

That concludes our guide for how to beat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy (Hard Difficulty). Let us know how tough the fight was for you, and how tough the game was to beat overall on the hardest difficulty.

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