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How to Get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

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How to Get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Do you have the right key?

Season 20 of Destiny 2, Season of Defiance, has gone live in-game, and multiple new seasonal items and currencies come with it. This time around, Bungie has introduced a new item called Defiant Keys, which will allow you to obtain more rewards at the end of the new seasonal activity, Defiant Battlegrounds. However, the method you obtain these keys is not entirely clear. So today, let’s discuss how to get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance.

What Are Defiant Keys Used For?

As mentioned above, Defiant Keys will grant you bonus rewards by opening a chest at the end of a Defiant Battleground run. This loot could be high-stat seasonal armor or potentially Deepsight versions of the new seasonal weapons that can be crafted, so it’s safe to say these keys are pretty important.

How to Get Destiny 2 Defiant Keys

Defiant Keys are obtained by completing activities “anywhere” in the system.

For clarification, this does not mean any and all activities in the game, but rather, core activities such as Vanguard OPs (the revamped Strikes playlist), Crucible, Gambit, and Dares of Eternity.

Destiny 2 Defiant Keys
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Completing any of these activities has the possibility of rewarding you with a Defiant Key. At the time of writing, it appears as though completing each activity will only reward you with one key. However, there might be ways to get more per activity as we progress through the season.

Using Defiant Keys in Destiny 2

Once you’ve earned a key, you’ll then need to go ahead and take part in the Defiant Battlegrounds activity. At the end of this, you’ll find there’s a chest that requires a Defiant Key to unlock it alongside your standard loot chests.

Walk over to the chest and press Square/ X/ E to use the key and get that sweet, shiny loot inside.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 guides, like how to get Cloud Accretions, and more below.

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