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How To Beat Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy With Bombarda

Hogwarts Legacy Promotional Art.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software

How To Beat Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy With Bombarda

Kill it with fire!

There are numerous twisted monsters that players need to defeat when they traverse through the Highlands and dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy. Among them are the iconic Inferi, who rise from the dead under the control of dark wizards. You may even receive a Dueling Feat during one of your encounters against these creatures. If you want to know how to beat an Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy with Bombarda, this guide will help you.

Hogwarts Legacy Interrupt a Burning Inferius’ Overhead Slam With Bombarda Dueling Feat Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Burning Inferius.
Image Credit: Avalanche Software via Twinfinite

As the Dueling Feat suggests, you will be required to cast a Bombarda spell to accomplish this challenge. You can obtain this offensive charm by completing Professor Howin’s Assignment, where you are tasked to capture a Diricawl and a Giant Purple Toad.

Other charms you need are fire spells, and you can cast Incendio or Confringo. This is because Inferi will initially be immune to most attacks, but you can use their weakness against light and warmth to make them vulnerable. You can cast Incendio when these monsters are in close range and Confringo if they are farther away.

First, use fire spells to weaken the Inferius. Then, you need to wait for them to attack you. Be careful — the creature will be more dangerous after you manage to burn them. During its invulnerable state, you can parry its strikes with Protego, but once you set it on fire and piss it off, its attack will become unblockable.

However, no need to worry. As long as you time your casting right, you can deal massive damage to the Inferius. The game should prompt you to dodge when the creature is about to launch an overhead strike. You can use this chance to cast Bombarda and send the zombie hurtling away.

Now that you know how to beat an Inferius in Hogwarts Legacy with Bombarda, it’s time to show those night creatures what you are made out of. If you need more help completing other Dueling Feats, maybe consider checking out these articles.

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