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HBO’s The Last of Us Had a Secret Voice Actor Cameo You Probably Missed

Image Source; HBO

HBO’s The Last of Us Had a Secret Voice Actor Cameo You Probably Missed

Firefly with a vengeance.

Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson voiced Joel and Ellie respectively in The Last of Us video games, and both voice actors also made fun cameo appearances in the HBO series as well. The former played James, one of David’s cannibal lackeys, while the latter played Anna, Ellie’s mother.

But, as revealed in HBO’s official podcast, there was one other secret voice actor cameo we all missed.

Laura Bailey, who plays Abby in The Last of Us Part II, actually showed up in the season one finale, as one of the nurses in the operating room. Her character was thankfully spared by Joel as he went on his murdering rampage, but another fun thing to note is that she had also played the nurse in the original game as well.

In the screengrab down below, she’s the nurse on the left.

laura bailey in the last of us
Image Source: HBO

Past that, creator Neil Druckmann and showrunner Craig Mazin revealed that Bailey had also played the reporter in the first episode, though we wouldn’t blame you if you missed that one as well. Bailey had flown to Calgary during the last few days of production, and was more than happy to play the nurse with a surgical mask on so that no one would recognize her.

With season 2 on the way, and Abby becoming a big part of that storyline, we’ll undoubtedly see Laura Bailey take on another cameo appearance at some point in the show again.

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