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Best Destiny 2 Broodweaver Builds For PvP & PvE

Image Source: Bungie

Best Destiny 2 Broodweaver Builds For PvP & PvE

Unleash the Threadlings!

With the release of Destiny 2 Lightfall, players have a brand new and powerful subclass at their disposal: Strand. For my fellow dress-wearing Warlocks out there, the Broodweaver subclass is the newest to hit the franchise. However, it’s not exactly evident what makes the best Broodweaver build for PvP and PvE in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Because of this, players will want to know what they can do to make this new Strand build the most potent of the bunch. Here is everything players need to know to become the ultimate Strand wielding Warlock.

Best Broodweaver Warlock PvE And PvP Builds in Destiny 2

Those who made their way through the campaign and completed the rigorous training from Osiris know that the Warlock Strand build is based on summoning Threadlings. These special worm-like creatures made from strand will home in on their foes and detonate, dealing massive damage.

Threadlings that do not detonate can be picked up and “perched”. Up to 5 of them can be stored, and when another ability that releases Threadlings is used, all perched Threadlings will be released. Additionally, players can release Threadlings with ease via a grenade, or by using their Rift, which summons 3 of them.

For both PvE and PvP, players will want to make ample use of their Threadlings, as they are essentially heat-seeking projectiles that can really do a number on their foes. Because of this, they will need to focus on enhancing abilities that can summon them, including Discipline for grenades, and Recovery for the Rift.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle to enhance the Threadlings is the brand new Warlock exotic boots, Swarmers, which can summon Threadlings when destroying a Strand Tangle. These tangles essentially have a cooldown of 10 seconds and can be created with most Strand abilities, which means that Threadlings will indeed be swarming the field.

Destiny 2 Broodweaver Warlocks Mods

Image from Bungie via Twinfinite

To get the most bang for their buck, players will want to use mods that can reduce the cooldown of their grenades and Rift. First, players should use mods to enhance both their Discipline and Recovery to 100.

This will ensure that not only do they have quick and easy access to the Threadling grenades, but they will also be able to use their Healing Rift to keep themselves alive and summon more Threadlings. Other mods players may want to get include Distribution, to return energy to abilities after using the Rift, and a player’s preferred reload and targeting mods.

Destiny 2 Broodweaver Warlocks Fragments

Image from Bungie via Twinfinite

Fragments are an important item for use in any build or subclass in Destiny 2. They provide benefits to the subclass, including stats and enhancing abilities. For the Broodweaver, players will want to make sure they pick abilities that boost their Threadlings as much as possible.

This means that they should pick the following Fragments:

  • Thread of Finality: Finisher Final Blows Create Threadlings. Increases Recovery by 10.
  • Thread of Rebirth: Strand final weapon blows have a chance to create a Threadling.
  • Thread of Evolution: Threadlings travel further and deal additional damage. Increases Intelligence by 10.
  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy. Decreases Discipline by 10.

With these Fragments, players will be able to create Threadlings by destroying Strand Tangles, Finishers, Strand weapon final blows, grenades, and using their Healing Rift. This means that players should always have Threadlings flowing in and out of battle, which will cause a lot of chaos for sure.

With the power of Strand and Threadlings, players can use this guide to create the best Broodweaver build to use in PvE and PvP in Destiny 2 Lightfall. For more information on other builds and guides for the new Strand subclasses, check out our guides section and become the ultimate Strand Guardian.

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