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Bella Ramsey Posts Heartwarming The Last of Us BTS Photos of Ellie & Riley

Bella Ramsay and Storm Reid behind the scenes of HBO's The Last of Us
Image via Bella Ramsey Twitter

Bella Ramsey Posts Heartwarming The Last of Us BTS Photos of Ellie & Riley

Let’s just lose our minds together.

***Spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 7***

Bella Ramsey, the actress who plays Ellie in HBO’s The Last of Us, shared some behind-the-scenes photos from Episode 7. They show off Ellie and Riley’s adventure around an abandoned shopping mall, a painful yet heartwarming scene in the series’ most important episode yet.

Ramsey included a picture of her and Storm Reid, the actress behind Riley, smiling and just goofing off on set. Another picture was of the two on a merry-go-round that was featured in the emotional episode where the two bonded over a night that was filled with just getting to let loose and act like kids for once. 

She also shared how incredibly well the makeup team did for the episode. Considering Ellie and Riley’s night includes alcohol and happens after Ellie’s fight with Bethany, the makeup artists created a convincing black eye and flushed face that’s so realistic it’s hard to think that it’s makeup.

The weight of this episode may have been hard to film as Ellie most likely killed Riley in the later parts of it. However, Ramsay captured just how much fun she was having on the set and the relationship she has with Reid.

For more behind-the-scenes content, as well as guides, news, and features following each episode as they air every Sunday, be sure to check out all of the related guides we’ve got for the HBO television adaptation of The Last of Us right down below.

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