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Why Doesn’t Destiny 2 Stasis Have a Proper Frag Grenade?


Why Doesn’t Destiny 2 Stasis Have a Proper Frag Grenade?

We need more variety!

The Lightfall DLC is about to arrive in Destiny 2, and with it comes a brand new Darkness subclass, Strand. From the trailers and gameplay we’ve seen thus far, Strand looks to be very powerful and a lot of fun. However, that can’t be said for the first Darkness subclass we received over two years ago, Stasis.

Stasis has been in a slump with an abundance of nerfs for quite some time now, and one keen fan pointed out on Reddit that the Stasis subclass doesn’t have a proper Frag Grenade ability.

This raises many questions, but the most important one is why doesn’t it have more Grenades. Over the last year, we’ve seen all of the Light subclasses undergo major revamps, which are now top-tier choices in every activity in the game. Stasis, however, has been continually nerfed since its release during the Beyond Light DLC. While most of the nerfs were justified, considering Stasis’s strength at that time, it’s time to give the subclass some life again.

There are currently three different Grenades for Stasis, Glacier, Coldsnap, and Duskfield. Glacier Grenades are used mainly for defensive purposes or to destroy for ability regeneration, and Coldsnaps and Duskfields are specifically used to freeze enemies. While these are unique Grenades that work well overall, Stasis could really use a normal Frag Grenade that deals Stasis damage.

While it wouldn’t massively buff the subclass to match the power of the Light subclasses, it would be a nice buff overall, considering each Light class has 7-8 Grenades, while Stasis only has three. Hopefully, Bungie will give both Strand and Stasis some proper power-up when the Lightfall DLC arrives.

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