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Sons of the Forest Is the Ultimate Toboggan Simulator

Using the Sled in Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Screenshot via JBean_92 Twitter Account

Sons of the Forest Is the Ultimate Toboggan Simulator

Freeze the day!

While the cannibalistic adventures are all good and fun, Sons of the Forest offers a brand-new experience, taking players out of the dangerous woods and into the fun-filled snowy mountains. That’s right; we’re talking about the winter wonderland escapades that let you live out your dreams of becoming a toboggan master using the craftable shed.

With this creation, many players have recorded their outrageous journies as they travel at an immense speed down the summit. In particular, Twitter user JBean_92 showcases a Jackass-themed video with friends while they plunge into the snowy terrain, as well as the hills of magnificent woodlands. Of course, an average person would never survive this feat, yet since the game is packed with mutant creatures, invincible sledding doesn’t sound impossible.

Aside from JBean_92, Twitch streamer TinaKitten has also joined in on the fun with other notable players, like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and Sykkuno. Still, in Tina’s case, things didn’t turn out as well, considering the fact that she unexpectedly finds herself falling down a waterfall as the rest of the streamers scream out for her in terror.


used different povs bc tina’s discord glitched during this so she couldn’t hear the others #tinakitten #corpsehusband #CORPSE #valkyrae #sykkuno #sonsoftheforest

♬ original sound – ranelan

Then, there’s TikTok user sluglyyt, who doesn’t even need to use the sled to explore the snowy cliffs, thanks to a book glitch that allows you to travel down a treacherous path without the risk of lowering your health.

So, if you want to try it out for yourself, you can explore the numerous high-elevated terrains of Sons of the Forest and equip your book to utilize a unique fast-travel system. Nonetheless, players can still practice their athletic abilities with the sled, in which they can possibly start a winter competition with friends or family to see who can reach the finish line first.

Whichever way you want to live out your journey, you’ll undoubtedly get lost in various amounts of activities, from the crafting gameplay to the ultimate survivalist mechanics. That said, the future looks bright for Sons of the Forest, especially with its successful launch of selling millions of digital copies on Steam. And now, the epic sledding adventures could open the door to new experiences, bringing in even more players.

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