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Release Date & Spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 180

Release Date & Spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 180
Image Source: Yusuke Murata and Viz Media

Release Date & Spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 180

Fortunately Saitama is indestructible.

The last few One Punch Man chapters have shown one of the most prolonged fights Saitama has ever had, though he hasn’t really been fighting back. That fight still continues in the newest chapter, with a couple of wrinkles. Here’s when One Punch Man chapter 180 will be coming out, as well as story spoilers for the eager readers who can’t wait to see what happens next.

When Does One Punch Man Chapter 180 Come Out?

For a while now, One Punch Man has had a rather random release schedule on the Viz Media site. It is unknown when chapter 180 (numbered 178 through Viz Media) will drop, but a reasonable guess would put it around March 9, 2022.

Readers beware that the information below will certainly spoil the chapter for anyone wanting to read it for themselves.

What Happens in One Punch Man Chapter 180? Answered

This whole fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama started in chapter 177 when she aimed to destroy the Blizzard Bunch for being a liability to her sister Fubuki. In chapter 180, Fubuki takes off after announcing she is disbanding the Blizzard Bunch, leaving all the members behind.

Tatsumaki’s rampage against Saitama is still going as she grows more enraged that he can’t be beaten. While the previous chapter had the pair tormenting a poor family just trying to drive to their new home, they inadvertently do some actual good this time.

Elsewhere A-class hero Feather has been lured to a warehouse by the kidnapping of his girlfriend, who had actually been fooling him the whole time and only ever sought to betray him to the Iron Fist gang.

In the middle of his terrific monologue, Feather stands up for his last stand against the gang, only to be hit in the back by Saitama, who had been flung into the building. With Feather entirely unconscious, Tatsumaki wipes out the rest of the gang for interfering in her vendetta against Saitama.

The fight between the two also accidentally destroys a threat-level dragon monster that is rampaging through H-City, saving Metal Bat from having to fight it alone. The chapter ends on Metal Bat, but it can be expected that chapter 181 will further follow the fight and maybe even feature the conclusion.

This is everything you need to know regarding when One Punch Man chapter 180 will be coming out, as well as story spoilers. Check out the links below for more One Punch Man news and guides.

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