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7 Most Useful My Hero Academia Quirks for Household Chores & Errands

Image via Crunchyroll

7 Most Useful My Hero Academia Quirks for Household Chores & Errands

Useful quirks > Powerful quirks.

Let’s be honest — some Quirks would make a lot of household chores much easier. Superhero life and powerful techniques are cool and all, but it would be nice to have a Quirk that’s helpful in day-to-day life. Whether it’s finishing something quickly or getting rid of a problem entirely, these are the seven most useful Quirks for using around the house.

1. Laundry Hero: Wash, Quirk: Clean Bubbler

Image via Funimation Twitter

Imagine being able to clean every spot around your house immediately without having to lift a finger. The Quirk Clean Bubbler would let you do just that and more. Susugu Mitarai (aka Wash) can create and control bubbles that are good for a variety of different things. No more time spent washing dishes or baseboards, controllable bubbles would do it all for you.

The bubbles can also completely sterilize things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a needle, a particularly nasty cleaning job, or even things like baby bottles, the bubbles can do all the hard work. Goodbye pruney cleaning hands and hello clean everything.

2. Uravity, Quirk: Zero Gravity

Image via My Hero Academia Twitter

Moving furniture around the house is inevitable. Whether you’re rearranging a room (for the third time in a month for some of us) or bringing in the latest Amazon package, Zero Gravity would be perfect. The Quirk that lets Ochaco Uraraka turn on and off gravity for certain objects also makes organizing a breeze — just float everything around you to find what you need.

It’s also great to float yourself around when you’re too tired to make it to bed. Missed the light switch? No problem, just float an item by it, drop gravity again, and the lights are off. Zero Gravity is as handy in real life as it is in Fortnite.

3. Wing Hero: Hawks, Quirk: Fierce Wings

Image via My Hero Academia Twitter

At first glance, Fierce Wings looks like it’s only good for getting around. And it is, but each feather on Keigo Takami’s (aka Hawks) wings can be controlled. They’re incredibly precise too, and one feather can literally carry someone. You’d be able to do any kind of household chores with a feather, and they’d theoretically be able to cook for you.

It’d be like having a ton of different minions around doing whatever you say, and that’s an absolute dream. The only downside is that you have to actually tell them what to do, but who’s complaining when you don’t have to lift a finger?

4. Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist, Quirk: Fiber Master

Image via Funimation

While the majority of people aren’t making their own clothes anymore, it’s still nice to have the option to when you need something in a pinch. Fiber Master lets you control threads of fabric, meaning that you could whip up the perfect outfit in no time. You could also make things like curtains, washcloths, towels, or even pillows.

Tsunagu Hakamada (aka the totally alive Best Jeanist) uses Fiber Master at various points to maneuver both objects and people. Being able to grab whatever you need while never having to actually get up makes everything easier. Imagine cooking without having to step away from the stove or cleaning without having to get your hands dirty.

5. Hikage Shinomori and Deku, Quirk: Danger Sense

Image via My Hero Academia Twitter

One of the most hardest aspects of household chores is finding things you don’t want to see, like bugs or even worse, rats. And while Hikage Shinomori and Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku) don’t use Danger Sense in a way that would necessarily stop this from happening, bugs are pretty terrifying (and disgusting, which is close enough to dangerous).

It’s also just a generally good Quirk for things you may encounter around your home or while you’re running errands. There will be other people with Quirks, and it seems like society is generally more chaotic, so Danger Sense would help you get around while trying to get stuff done.

6. Space Hero: Thirteen, Quirk: Black Hole

Image via Crunchyroll Dubs YouTube

Why clean things up when you can make them disappear? Black Hole lets the user suck things into their fingertips and turn them into dust. This is perfect for cleaning up trash as long as you do it safely. With a few house modifications — like bolting down your trash can — Black Hole can make taking care of the messier tasks in life even easier.

This extends beyond everyday trash use. If you want to remodel or clean something like an oven, just make sure it’s secure and then the problem is solved. It also makes yard activities like raking leaves a breeze.

7. Voice Hero: Present Mic, Quirk: Voice

Image via My Hero Ultra Impact Twitter

Household chores include cooking, and nearly everything you cook has to be heated up in some way. There are some obvious choices for heating things up, like fire Quirks, but Hizashi Yamada (aka Present Mic) has a more fun way to heat things up: Voice. Voice essentially creates sound waves that can rival sonic booms and render people unable to function. At this level of sound, it could easily boil water.

It would take a bit of training to keep it directed, and you may want a soundproof house to keep others safe, but it’s a world with Quirks — anything’s possible. Plus, similar equipment is widely used in the My Hero Academia universe.

Are there any Quirks you think would be great for housework or running errands? Comment below and share your favorite useful Quirks.

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