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How to Flip a Troll’s Club Into Its Face in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to Flip a Troll’s Club Into Its Face in Hogwarts Legacy

Time to troll the troll.

Troll!! In the dungeon!! If you’ve been unfortunate enough to run afoul of one of these behemoths, you’ll quickly learn that a solid whack with their club can spell certain doom. But what if you wanted to turn the tables, punk them out, make their ugly mug even uglier? Alright, you’re hardcore, so we’ll teach you how to flip a troll’s club into its face in Hogwarts Legacy like the coolest witches and wizards.

How to Counter a Troll’s Attacks in Hogwarts Legacy

Much like the melee attacks they implement, countering a troll is quite simple, involving only a few steps. The key is timing, and it’ll mean the difference between victory and a nasty bump on the noggin. Much like the spell name suggests, Flipendo is your spell of choice here, but you’ll have to set the stage first before it will work correctly.

The troll’s club must be connected with the ground in order for you to flip it, meaning it will have to attempt a vertical strike. After it swings (and hopefully misses), there will be a brief period of time before the troll raises it back up. Depending on how evasive you are feeling, you can either dodge this strike or repel it with Protego.

We recommend Protego for beginners, as it is not only easier to time, but it will position you well after the attack to cast your counter-spell. Whichever route you elect to take, once you have cast Flipendo, you will immediately know if you’ve succeeded, with the club shooting back up to whack the troll right in the kisser.

If this doesn’t happen, you may have missed your window or cast Flipendo in an errant direction. Keep on trying, and eventually you will be able to thump the bogeys right out of that nasty fella.

Congratulations, friend, you are now the master on flipping the troll’s club into its face in Hogwarts Legacy. You can impress your friends with this callous display of barbarity, or show off your knowledge by taking a look at the other guides below.

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