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How to Defeat Pearlbeak in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Pearlbeak Art
Image Source: EA

How to Defeat Pearlbeak in Wild Hearts

Defeat this shiny variant!

As you make way your way into Chapter 2 and beyond, you’ll soon discover new variants of Kemono you’ve faced before in Wild Hearts. One such example is the new Water-based variant of the Fumebeak, Pearlbeak. So today, let’s discuss how to defeat Pearlbeak in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Pearlbeak Boss Guide: Attacks, Weaknesses, and More

Wild Hearts Pearlbeak Boss Fight
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

As mentioned, Pearlbeak is a variant of a previous Kemono you’ve encountered, Fumebeak. Fumebeak embraces the Poison ailment to the extreme, making it an extremely dangerous monster to fight. However, Pearlbeak is a much different story, as it now trades Poison for Water, making the fight significantly easier than before. That said, this monster is a red two-star monster, so it’ll still pack a punch if you aren’t prepared.

If you were an expert at fighting Fumebeak, then you’re in luck since Pearlbeak essentially shares the exact same moveset but with some key differences. Basically, any attack that Fumebeak used that involved Poison is now substituted for Water when fighting Pearlbeak. Otherwise, Pearlbeak likes to spend the majority of the fight in the air, so make sure to utilize the Fireworks fusion Karakuri to knock it down to prevent those annoying sky attacks from occurring.

Pearlbeak retains the same weaknesses as the Fumebeak, with the head and wings being the weakest parts of the body and having Earth-based weapons deal extra damage to it. When Pearlbeak becomes Enraged, there is another crucial difference to be wary of.

How to Beat Pearlbeak When It’s Enraged

Wild Hearts Pearlbeak Enraged
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Previously, when Fumebeak became Enraged, it would release a toxic gas that would Poison you if you got too close. Pearlbeak, on the other hand, will form a giant bubble around itself that will explode after a short period of time. This bubble will deal massive damage if you’re hit by it, so stay clear from it if you can.

Otherwise, Pearlbeak will gain access to one new move, where it will roar and then summon Water columns at you, also dealing significant damage. However, this attack is easy to dodge, so it shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to you so long as you watch for when it roars.

Otherwise re-use your previous tactics from fighting Fumebeak, and you’ll have little to no issues dealing with Pearlbeak.

That’s everything you need to know on how to defeat Pearlbeak in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides, like who Mujina is, and more below.

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