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How to Defeat Deathstalker in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Deathstalker Art
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How to Defeat Deathstalker in Wild Hearts

You’ll be the boy who cried wolf after this fight.

After over a dozen of Kemono have stood in your way, the long-awaited rematch between you and the Deathstalker is here. This one is extraordinary among all the battles in Wild Hearts, and unsurprisingly, it’s also the most controller-smashing difficult. Worry not though, as we’re here to help with a detailed guide on how to defeat the Deathstalker in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Deathstalker Boss Guide: How to Beat, Attacks, and More

Wild Hearts Deathstalker Boss Fight
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First and foremost, it’s worth stating that is the first five-star boss fight you’ll encounter in Wild Hearts, and the Deathstalker puts everything you’ve fought thus far to shame by a large margin.

It is highly recommended you craft up a Water-resistant armor set via materials from the Icetusk and Cobalt Lavaback to ensure you don’t get one-shotted by the Deathstalker. It’s also weak to the fire, so using a Fire weapon made with materials from the Lavaback would be a good idea as well.

Then, there’s the fight proper. What makes the Deathstalker so dangerous is not only its devastating attack power but its lightning-fast speed. This is the quickest Kemono you’ll have encountered thus far, and if you’re reaction speeds aren’t up to par, you’ll pay the consequences severely.

This Kemono specializes in Ice-based attacks too, and utilizes the Ice to help charge at you with little to no room for dodging. You’ll need to anticipate its movements ahead of time before the wolf gains the edge on you. On top of that, the Deathstalker heavily utilizes the Ice ailment. If the gauge reaches full, you’ll be frozen in place for a short period of time, making you susceptible to an incoming attack from the beast.

Take extreme care when avoiding its Ice breath attack; if you take it head-on, your gauge will be full almost instantly. However, when this attack is used, it also leaves itself vulnerable for a short period of time, so take this opportunity to attack its head and tail, which are its most significant weak points. Fire-based weapons will deal the most damage to the Kemono as well.

How to Beat Deathstalker Enraged

Wild Hearts Deathstalker Enraged
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To make things worse, the Deathstalker wastes no time going into the Enraged state.

The Deathstalkers Enraged state is essentially everything you’ve faced thus far in the fight, but now ten times worse. It’s faster, hits harder, and uses a plethora of Ice attacks that spread out to ensure they hit you. It also has a special move where it will form a ring of Ice around you, leap into the air, slam down into the ground, and create giant Ice spikes within the ring that will essentially one-shot you.

Your only options are to either stall out the Enraged state or catch it off guard in-between attacks. Either way, this is a nerve-wracking fight that only gets worse as the fight progresses. No matter what happens, the battle will leave you both terrified and entranced as you change arenas throughout, and it is easily the most spectacular fight in the game thus far.

That’s everything you need to know on how to defeat the Deathstalker in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides, like how to get the Mirror Stone, and more below.

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