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How to Beat Goldshard in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Goldshard Boss
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How to Beat Goldshard in Wild Hearts

This porcupine has the Midas touch!

Kemono in Wild Hearts never fails to amaze in terms of creativity. So far, we’ve seen rock monkeys, giant pigs that make trees, and now a huge porcupine made out of gold! That last one is known as Goldshard, the porcupine with the Midas touch and a nasty attitude. It can be particularly difficult to defeat, so we’re how to beat Goldshard in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Goldshard Guide: How to Beat, Behaviors, and More

Wild Hearts Goldshard Boss fight
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

While this Kemono is the first thus far to utilize its back as the primary source of attacks, it’s not a brutal fight by any means. The main gimmick with Goldshard is that it will charge at you and swing its massive back of gold and crystal shards as an attack. However, these attacks are straightforward to identify and simple to avoid.

Thanks to its large size, it’s an easy to read target that can be damaged without much issue. Its back is the sturdiest part of its body, so you should aim your attacks at its head, tail, or front legs, with the head being its biggest weak point. Wood or Earth-based weapons will dish out the greatest damage against it, so use weaponry that utilizes these effects. As usual, Goldshard will retreat and trigger its Enraged mode when enough damage is dealt.

How to Beat Goldshard Enraged

Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Things get a little more interesting when Goldshard becomes Enraged in Wild Hearts, as it gains access to a couple of new moves that may give you some trouble. First, it can now fire out golden shards from its back at you. These shards don’t do a lot of damage, but they can track you and pose a greater threat than its primary offensive move. A well-timed dodge will solve this, wherein you avoid the attack just as it’s closing in on you so that it won’t have time to redirect its course.

The second move is much more annoying to handle. Goldshard will curl up into a ball and roll at you at high speeds. This attack hurts quite a bit, but once again, a well-timed dodge right before it makes contact with you will do the trick. In terms of dealing damage, we recommend using fusion Karakuri like the Pounder to get some big hits in and deal the finishing blow sooner rather than later.

Hopefully this cleared up how to beat Goldshard in Wild Hearts. Be sure to check out our latest Wild Hearts guides on topics like how to get Pointed Scales, as well as our other related articles down below.

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