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How Tall Are Among Us Characters? Answered

Among Us
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How Tall Are Among Us Characters? Answered

They’re seven-tenths as tall as Danny DeVito!

2018’s smash hit deduce-’em-up Among Us quickly became an overnight sensation by virtue of its serendipitous timing (it launched during a global pandemic), and also thanks to how well-crafted it is as a creative social experiment. While its sci-fi story is reminiscent of The Thing, the game’s narrative isn’t really a big focus. After all, it’s the players themselves who are the ones who make up the story, right?

Nevertheless, there’s still room for queries to crop up, and if you’ve arrived here, you’ve likely sought the answer to a specific question: How tall are Among Us characters? Well, you’re in the perfect place. Let’s get started.

How Big Are Among Us Characters? Answered

You may be wondering, how on earth will you figure out how tall the Among Us characters are? Thing is, there’s a major clue in the game itself. You see, in the Submit Scan task, the scan analyses the specific crewmate’s height and weight, which is interestingly the same for all the crewmates except one.

Specifically, all the characters in Among Us are 3’6″ tall and weigh 92 pounds. In other measurements, that would make Among Us characters 42 inches or 106.68cm tall. That’s roughly around seven-tenths as tall as Danny DeVito, for those who were curious.

The only exception to this is Fortegreen who is 3’6″ tall but weighs 132 pounds, which is a little heavier than the rest of the crewmates in the game.

So, what do you know, we’ve answered the question: How tall are Among Us characters? For more, here’s how tall Sans is in Undertale and a peek at Among Us running in VR. And as always, feel free to browse the links below.

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