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Hogwarts Legacy to Implement a Performance Patch Today, But There Is a Catch

hogwarts legacy
Image Source: Avalanche Studios

Hogwarts Legacy to Implement a Performance Patch Today, But There Is a Catch

Delays aside, a patch is always great news.

Hogwarts Legacy, the record-setting open world romp setting the world abuzz, has experienced some bug and performance issues that have affected players’ enjoyment of the game. Fortunately, Xbox Series X and PC players can expect a new patch today to address these issues, bringing much-needed relief to the community.

However, according to a tweet by Chandler Wood, PS5 players will have to wait a bit longer for their patch, as the developers need a few more days to ensure additional bug fixes, including a fix for the Collector’s Edition Trophy. Nevertheless, the developers have acknowledged the issues and are working diligently to ensure that everyone can have the best possible experience with the game, regardless of their platform. They have encouraged players to be patient and report any issues they encounter while playing.

Hogwarts Legacy has been praised for its detailed graphics and beautiful recreation of the Harry Potter world, making it a huge hit not only amongst gamers but fans of the franchise in general. Within the first week of early access, it blitzed previous single-player thresholds for concurrent Twitch viewership, and it has appeared in the top 10 of several Steam categories for concurrent players, peaking at an astounding 879,308.

This new patch promises to significantly improve the game’s performance, existing bugs, and overall experience as it continues to reach new heights of popularity.

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