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Ranking the Best Characters of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Image Source: Netflix

Ranking the Best Characters of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Find out which characters will Never Fade Away in Night City

Despite being only a few months old, Cyberpunk Edgerunners continue to have a significant influence on fans of the show and game. And while no second season is confirmed for the show, fans are eager to see more of the characters in future projects from the franchise. As we await information on the Phantom LIberity DLC and along with the confirmed sequel, let’s rank the best Characters of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

The following characters are well-written, but only one truly embodies the life of an Edgerunner. Characters on this list are here for a combination of their impact on the show along with the major themes they represent in the show. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road, Choom.


Image Source: Netflix

Pilar is the comic relief of the show. Like many characters in Edgerunners, he possesses an over-the-top personality and remains deadset on making his friends laugh. He constantly argues with his sister Rebecca, and like most siblings, you can get the sense that he cares deeply about her despite having a cutthroat relationship with her.

When David is properly introduced to Maine’s crew, even Pilar’s appearance stands out due to these unique Cyberware arms, which he’s currently the only character to have them. Everything about Pilar’s design and character stands out to viewers but what’s interesting is that Pilar blends in more than you may initially think.

Being a part of Maine’s crew, it’s plausible to assume that he more than likely grew up as a techie in Night City and became an Edgerunner like any other would-be punk. In a city where only Eddies matter, Pilar probably was similar to David before meeting up with Maine’s crew. However, all of this is speculation because his character meets an untimely end.

Still, characters like this often take on their joker personas to mask something. And while having PIlar survive a little longer would have been preem, his death is necessary to show the fragility of Edgerunners.

From that moment onward, viewers realize that anyone in the show is liable to meet their demise at any moment within Night City. His death also demonstrates the severity of the Cyberpsycho epidemic.


Image Source: Netflix

Similar to other crewmates, not too much is known about Falco before his time with the group, outside of the fact that he’s the getaway driver. However, throughout the course of the show, he is shown as an extremely kind and loyal individual.

Not only that, but he tries to make the best out of a bad situation despite knowing the odds are stacked against him and his friends. Tragically, the driver ultimately watches everybody he cares about lose their lives to Night City. And although he’s able to save Lucy in the climax of the show, both of them are forever changed.

Falco represents honor within the life of an Edgerunner. Despite mercenaries having a reputation for being selfish people with little to no morals, he bucks this trend throughout all of his appearances.

And while it’s unlikely he’ll return in any major way for future projects, he does make an appearance in the Edgerunner update for Cyberpunk 2077. Falco even gives David’s jacket to V due to the stark similarities shared between both Edgerunners.


Image Source: Netflix

On the opposite side of things, there’s Kiwi, the senior Netrunner of the group who serves as a mentor to Lucy with a detachable cybernetic jaw. When she is first introduced in the show, it’s easy to view Kiwi as another jaded mercenary within Night City.

While important to the group in more ways than one, she blends into the background of the group when compared to the others. However, as the plot thickens, it’s revealed that Kiwi is working with Faraday. This tragic turn of events is integral to the overall downfall of the group, and it’s disheartening, to say the least.

While she does not explicitly go into detail about her decisions, it’s implied that she never learned to trust others completely. Despite having a family of Edgerunners, the cruel world of Cyberpunk made Kiwi unable to fully embrace others without expecting them to turn on her.

The traitorous Edgerunner tries to redeem herself, but, unfortunately, it’s already too late for most of the crew. Although she was the architect of her demise, Kiwi still stands out as a memorable character and representation of how Night City corrupts nearly everyone.


Image Source: Netflix

Faraday is the first major antagonist that viewers meet in Edgerunners. The moment Faraday is introduced, he gives off unsettling energy due to his multiple cybernetic eyes and corporate attire. Throughout the entire series, this fixer attempts to scheme his way to the top by manipulating multiple characters within the series and attempts to gain power at any cost.

While our protagonists are in constant conflict with other crews, Faraday proves to be the most dangerous advisor in the end. Sure, Adam Smasher is the strongest character physically, but he is arguably just as worse due to his scheming ways.

Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Far Cry 6, and much more) does an excellent job of giving a sinister performance. For this reason, it’s satisfying to see the character get what’s coming to him at the end of Edgerunners.


Image Source: Netflix

Dorio’s design alone earns her a spot near the middle part of this list. Similar to Maine, she’s built like a tank and sports Gorilla Arms, Cyberlegs, and other cyber enhancements that show off her incredible physique. Oftentimes, many female characters in anime fall into generic stereotypes in terms of how they’re depicted physically, but her unique design broke anime stereotypes.

Alongside her dope design, Dorio is super caring and supportive of her squadmates. Until her untimely demise, she was almost the mother figure of the group and supports everyone behind the scenes.

She’s also the only person who can reel Maine in when he goes overboard. Similar to the majority of the cast, we do not get enough time with Dorio, but she made an incredible impression in only a few episodes.

Gloria Martinez

Image Source: Netflix

The sacrificial lamb of the series, Gloria Martinez, is the catalyst for David becoming a cyberpunk. Despite only being in the show for one episode, Gloria’s love for her son is compelling and relatable for the audience.

The manner in which Gloria dies also highlights the disturbing nature of the Night City health care system, but it would be easy for the show to only have Gloria die and not have any further impact on the show. Instead, we learn that Gloria ran with the very same crew that David joins; and this adds even more layers to her character as we understand that despite being an Edgerunner, Gloria just wanted to provide a better life for her son.

Sadly, her sacrifices are in vain as David succumbs to the madness of Night City. Thankfully, we do still get a few other instances in which her son remembers her, providing a bit of post-mortem love for the best mom in the whole city.


Image Source: Netflix

The main man, Maine. Not only is this badass responsible for some of the best action scenes in the show, but his introduction kicks the anime into high gear.

Although brash at first towards him, Maine quickly takes on a mentor role and guides David as he becomes an integral part of the crew. While it’s easy to write Maine off as a loudmouth merc with everything to prove, he’s the backbone of the group and attempts to support everyone the best he can.

All the more reason that his downfall is tragic once he realizes he’s lost to Cyberpsychosis, and while this unknown condition was already hinted at prior to Maine’s death, viewers finally get a first-hand experience of how it can impact someone they care about.

Once he dies, the party is finally over as the crew goes on life support. Yes, David accends the ranks of Night City’s underground, but there’s an emptiness brought upon by the death of Maine.


Image Source: Netflix

The poster girl for Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Lucy is the first member of Maine’s crew that our protagonist meets, and the introduction is intoxicating to David, to say the least. She serves as the femme fatal of the show who has a mysterious past.

And while she’s extremely hot and cold to David throughout the series, she manages to become an enduring character the longer we spend time with her. Being raised in an Arasaka Netrunner program, we learn that despite Lucy being of the best Netrunners that Night City has ever seen, she’s lived her life in fear due to being the target of Arasaka.

Major corporations such as that only view Lucy as an asset instead of a person, and this is why she’s hesitant to get close to anyone at the start of the show. When meeting David, however, she can experience true love.

Fortunately, there’s a chance that Lucy may return in future Cyberpunk projects, but only time will tell if we will ever see this legendary Netrunner again. Even if she doesn’t, though, the parting shot of her making it to the moon makes it all worth it.

Adam Smasher

Image Source: Netflix

The one and only Adam Smasher made a significant impact despite only having minimum screen time. Despite being hated by nearly all of the characters we love, it’s always a treat to see this absolute unit in action. And while he’s just a corporate goon for Arasake, Edgerunners gave us the chance to see him in action with no restraints.

Let’s be honest; Smasher’s fight with the Edgerunners was a thousand times more exciting than his fight with V. And having him toy with David while also showing some level of respect awesome to see. The show definitely did a great job of hyping up the character in subtle ways but not going overboard with his inclusion into the story.

While he’s one of the main antagonists in 2077, Smasher is ultimately an unstoppable force that lives for mayhem and destruction. Anytime he makes an appearance in any Cyberpunk adaptation, you know things are about to go down, and Edgerunners did the mad dog of Arasake justice.


Image Source: Netflix

Rebecca is the definition of a ride-and-die girl. From the jump, she’s shown to be extremely loyal to her crewmates and especially David. And while her appearance and overall portrayal may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she proves to be an integral part of the team.

Similar to most characters, this small but fiety Edgerunner undergoes her arc throughout the series. Although she starts as an over-the-top manic with a high pension for violence, she eventually loses everything and everyone she cares about.

But what makes Rebecca enduring is that she never truly lets Night City break her as a character. While other characters such as Kiwi, Lucy, and countless other lost souls are beaten down by the realities of Night City, she remains steadfast in who she is as a person.

And while David never returns her feelings in a romantic sense, she remains a loyal friend to him and Lucy when others may have done the opposite. Like most people, Rebecca just wanted to live life with her friends and family and was a character full of energy. It’s for this reason that her death hit hard for most fans because of how brutal and unexpected it was.


Image Source: Netflix

David embodies all of the major themes present in Cyberpunk. From his humble beginnings as an underachieving student to his rise and eventual downfall as an Edgerunner, fans truly understand his plight.

It’s easy to put David in the number one spot because of his abilities and feats, but he’s mainly here because of his overall characterization. From the beginning of Edgerunners until its conclusion, David remains a kid that’s trying to do the right thing but is completely overwhelmed by life.

Regardless, he continues to fight for his friends and gives everything despite the odds. Sure he does not make it out of the story alive, but David becomes immortalized as a Legend in Night City. Even Adam Smasher shows him respect before finishing him off, which morbidly means something.

But here’s to hoping that this is not the last we’ve seen of David because Smasher does mention that he would make an interesting construct. Actually, for his sanity, maybe it’s best that the Edgerunner did die at the hands of the mad dog of Arasake, as there are far worth fates than death.

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