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Which Straw Hat Would You Be? Find Out With This One Piece Personality Quiz

Which Straw Hat Would You Be? Take This One Piece Quiz to Find Out

Which Straw Hat Would You Be? Find Out With This One Piece Personality Quiz

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If you’re like many other One Piece fans, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: Which Straw Hat am I most like?

It’s a solid enough question to ask. After all, each member of the series’ central crew is unique enough to stand out even among the ever-growing group of eccentrics. Each has their own defining traits, goals they’re working toward, and dreams they’d give nearly anything to achieve so long as it doesn’t put their friends at risk.

However, it can be tricky to choose just one that you resonate with most. After all, each and every one of them is lovable and relatable, making it that much harder to choose the one you’d ride or die with.

That’s why we’ve created this quiz. Through the following questions, we’ll help you narrow down the traits you have which relate most to a given character. By the end, you’ll know with certainty that the Straw Hat we suggest is the One Piece protagonist who is most like you at this time.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the questions.

Which Straw Hat Would You Be? Find Out With This Personality Quiz

What's your favorite comfort food?
Where do you feel most comfortable on the Thousand Sunny?
How do you approach a dangerous situation?
When you think of the Grand Line, what word springs to mind?
How would you describe the powers provided by Devil Fruits?
Why do you want to achieve your dream?
Aside from your friends, what is your most beloved treasure?
How would you describe your mentor?
What are you most afraid of?
What's your biggest weakness?

Image Source: Toei Animation via Cruchyroll

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