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How To Make a Human in Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Human in Little Alchemy 2
Image Source: Jakub Koziol via Twinfinite

How To Make a Human in Little Alchemy 2

The secrets to creating human life in Little Alchemy 2.

There’s more to Little Alchemy 2 than mixing water and earth for mud or fire and earth for lava. You can also create more complex systems like primordial lifeforms and, to a greater extent, humans. If that’s exactly what you’re trying to create, here’s how to make a Human in Little Alchemy.

How To Craft a Human in Little Alchemy 2

Making a Human in Little Alchemy 2 is surprisingly easy, provided you know which elements to use, and is a prerequisite for a variety of higher-quality elements like God. To make a Human, follow along with these steps:

  1. Start by discovering Clay.

    Clay is what you get from mixing Mud and Stone. Start with Water and Earth to make Make, then add Air and Air together for Pressure. Throw Earth into Pressure for Stone, then mix it with Mud for Clay.

  2. Make Primordial Soup and Energy.

    Start with combining Fire and Fire for Energy, then put it aside. Now take Water and mix it with Water to make a Puddle. Keep adding Water to every new mixture until you get Sea; for example, Water + Puddle creates a Pond, and so on. With Earth and Sea, you get Primordial Soup.

  3. Now onto making a Human.

    Bring together Primordial Soup and Energy to create Life. Now take that Clay you’ve been saving for a while, combine it with Life and you’ve got a Human!

There it is, folks: how to craft a Human in Little Alchemy 2. Knowing this can lead to numerous new elements, especially with the content pack Myths and Monsters installed, as they’re the basis for mythical creatures. It’s also a prerequisite for elements such as Deity and Nerd.

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