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All Marker Fragment Locations in Dead Space Remake: How to Get Secret Ending

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All Marker Fragment Locations in Dead Space Remake: How to Get Secret Ending

Time to hunt down those Marker Fragments!

The Dead Space Remake takes a lot of inspiration from the 2008 sci-fi horror classic, but reimagines it to bring it up to modern day standards, freshen things up for hardcore fans of the series, and generally improves upon it in almost every conceivable way. One drastic change is the Dead Space Remake alternate or ‘secret’ ending, that can be unlocked during a second playthrough on New Game Plus. We’ve explained how you can see this for yourself, as well as where to find all Marker Fragments during this NG+ playthrough that you’ll need in order to unlock the secret ending.

All Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake

To see the secret ending, you’ll need to complete Dead Space Remake on any difficulty level, and then play through on the newly-unlocked New Game Plus mode. Start New Game Plus and play through the game, but this time you’ll need to find 12 Marker Fragments scattered throughout the game.

Once you’ve collected all 12 Marker Fragments, you’ll then need to go to Captain Mathius’ office in the Executive Chambers section of the USG Ishimura and place them on the different little plinths on the table. If you’re struggling to find the Executive Chambers, they’re in Crew Deck. Now, go ahead and beat the game in New Game Plus and you’ll be able to watch a new cutscene which is the ‘alternative’ ending.

Where to Find All Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake

There’s a Marker Fragment in almost every chapter, except for Chapter 9 and Chapter 12 which don’t have one. Instead, Chapters 5 and 10 have two Marker Fragments, but we’ve included a breakdown of each location below.

Marker Fragment 1

The first can be found in the Maintenance Bay office during Chapter 1. Look for the Data Board and melee the shelf just next to it. If you’re struggling to find it, look for the red object on the end of the desk and melee the shelves just next to it in the corner.

The Marker Fragment will drop out of this and you’ll also earn the ‘Marked’ trophy/ achievement for finding your first one.

Marker Fragment 2

During Chapter 2, you’ll be tasked with finding a Shock Pad and will need to clear the quarantine in the Main Lab area. After doing this, make your way into Dr T. Kyne’s office and use your Kinesis powers to move the shelf in here to the side. This will open up a hidden room, and the Marker Fragment will be on the desk next to the black graffiti on the pinboard.

Marker Fragment 3

In Chapter 3, when you’re tasked with manually igniting the engines, head into the Engine Room and go behind the Power Sub-Station 03. Here, in the corner, you’ll find the Marker Fragment glistening away in the corner.

Marker Fragment 4

When your objective is to ‘Reroute Power from the Electrical Systems,’ make your way up to Floor 3 of the Bridge and go inside the Break Room. Head over to the red markings on the floor with the lanterns by it, and you’ll find the Marker Fragment up by the wall here.

Marker Fragment 5

The first of the two Marker Fragments in Dead Space Remake’s Chapter 5 comes when you’re trying to Lift the Lockdown. All you need to do here is go inside Dr. C. Mercer’s office and grab it from the desk, right next to that big ol’ creepy corpse… thing by the pinboard.

Marker Fragment 6

The second of the Chapter 5 Fragments can be found when you’re trying to acquire the Liquid Nitrogen. Go inside Cryogenics — that’s where you froze the hunter — and look out for the Marker Fragment glistening from atop some of the machinery in here. Specifically, it looks like a crate atop a cryogenic chamber with some tubing going into it.

Marker Fragment 7

During Chapter 6, when you need to Inject Wheezer 07, make your way to the East Grow Chamber and get onto the top level where Wheezer 06 is. Look for the corner of the room where there’s a bunch of that weird corruption gunk. You’ll see the telltale glisten of an item coming from it. Go ahead and use your Kinesis powers to dig it out and add this Marker Fragment to your collection.

Marker Fragment 8

The next fragment can be found when you’re tasked with finding the SOS Beacon in Chapter 7. Head to Mineral Samples in the Mineral Processing Area (it’s a small room located just off the outer corridor here on the left-hand side). You’ll find the fragment on a shelf in this room.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to upgrade to Security Clearance Level 3 before you can actually gain access to this room, so make sure you’ve done this first.

Marker Fragment 9

In Chapter 8, you’ll have an objective of Activating the Comms Array. This requires you to complete a puzzle to power on the array itself. During this, a fragment will be inside a hole on the north side of the big open area, to the right of an L-shaped offshoot on your map.

It’s also just to the left of the ‘Communication Control Panel’ that’s been lighting up as you’ve solved the puzzle, too.

Marker Fragment 10

Chapter 10 contains two Marker Fragments, the first of which can be found when you’ve got to Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters. Just to the left of the large square room here, you’ll find an inverted L-shaped corridor that wraps around it, where you’ll encounter the second tendril.

Use the Circuit Breaker here to unlock the doors, and then enter the Deluxe Shift Bunks. This is directly south of that big square room we just mentioned. The Fragment Marker is here on a desk at the back of the room in front of a pinboard.

Yes… they really do love their pinboards on the USG Ishimura.

Marker Fragment 11

The second of the Chapter 10 fragments can be found when you need to Destroy the Tendril in Chief Steward’s Office. Make your way into Inquiry Desks and you’ll encounter the pesky Tendril. Once you’ve taken care of it — or before if you fancy the risk — look for the desk opposite the door to find the Marker Fragment sitting on top of it.

Marker Fragment 12

The twelfth and final fragment is obtained in Chapter 11 when your objective is to Engage the Cargo Crane. During this section, you’ll need to move the Marker which will allow you access to a shelf in the southeast corner of this W-shaped combination of corridors and rooms. It’s on the left-hand wall of the bottom right-hand corner’s square-shaped alcove.

The Marker Fragment is sitting on the shelf.

Where to Place the Marker Fragments & Unlock Dead Space Remake’s Secret Ending

Now that you’ve acquired all 12 of the Marker Fragments, you’ll need to go to Crew Deck and head to the Executive Quarters. Here, you’ll find a room with a sign above it that indicates it belongs to ‘Captain B. Mathius.’ On your map, though, it’ll be listed as the room of Lt. Commander V. Holt for some reason.

Head inside here and you’ll find 12 glowing pedestals. Hmmm, I wonder what might need to be placed on these?! That’s right, whack down those Marker Fragments on each of the plinths and then carry on playing through the game.

Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll unlock the secret ending in Dead Space Remake. This will also net you the ‘Reunion’ trophy and achievement.

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