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How To Fix the Chive Error in Destiny 2


How To Fix the Chive Error in Destiny 2

Where do these names come from?

Destiny 2’s console release is just a week away and while PS4 and Xbox One guardians count down the days, PC players are finally able to test how it plays on their rigs. The Destiny 2 PC beta is now live, but unfortunately, it seems to be struggling with a Chive error code.

What Does Error Code Chive Mean?

The CHIVE error code is seemingly specific to those playing Destiny 2 on PC, and appears to be based around graphics failing to initialize. This could be due to an issue with your graphics card such as the driver being out of date, or your operating system not having an update that’s causing the game to not boot up properly.

How to Fix Chive Error Code for the Destiny 2 PC Beta

The Chive error code is accompanied by a message stating that “Graphics failed to initialize.” As such, Bungie is first suggesting that you update your graphics card drivers in order to rule this out.

Next up, if your PC is running on the Windows 7 operating system, you’ll need to try manually installing Microsoft Update KB 2670838. According to the support page from Bungie, users have indicated that this appears to bypass the Chive error code in Destiny 2.

Finally, you may need to use the Scan and Repair function to ensure Destiny 2 is installed correctly to your system. Sometimes, these error codes can occur when your download was interrupted by connection issues, so you may have to reinstall the game entirely if the Scan and Repair function can’t fix the issue.

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