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Dataminers Have Uncovered the Next Fortnite Crew Pack Bundle

Dataminers Have Uncovered the Next Fortnite Crew Pack Bundle
Image Source: Epic Games via @_LoanDot

Dataminers Have Uncovered the Next Fortnite Crew Pack Bundle

Can’t wait to smash those hammers through some walls.

February is coming, meaning the Fortnite Crew Pack will soon swap over to a brand-new bundle of items. Fortnite players will have until Feb. 1 to get the current bundle, and that window is closing quickly. As an added bonus, dataminers have already dug up an image of the new skin. Starting Jan. 29, players will get to play the battle royale as Sylvie.

While it’s not always immediately obvious what other items a new Fortnite Crew bundle might come with, the Sylvie image definitely points to those twin hammers as a harvesting tool. On top of that, the hammer above her head in the image looks like the Shockwave Hammer, so there might be some connection there.

If the Crew Skin has some deeper lore attachment, that would be interesting, as these often don’t. The closest there has been recently was the August 2022 pack that featured a Wolverine skin related to the Fortnite x Zero War comic book crossover series.

Epic Games will likely fully reveal the Sylvie bundle soon, and that will be when everyone can find out all the complete contents.

This new Fortnite Crew Pack will also further upgrade the Photonic Legacy set, giving another style or color for the Photonic Striker Pickaxe. New subscribers to the Fortnite Crew can still obtain the pickaxe until the end of March.

If you’ve never subscribed to the Fortnite Crew, it’s $11.99 a month and gives 1,000 V-Bucks on your renewal date every month. Subscribers also gain instant access to a new season’s battle pass without any additional purchase. Canceling Fortnite Crew is easy to do, as well, if you ever want to take a break.

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