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Top 10 Best Disney Tattoo Ideas That Will Let You Show Off Your Disney Pride

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoo Ideas That Will Let You Show Off Your Disney Pride

You’re going to want to copy these!

For Disney lovers that want to show their affection toward their beloved movies and characters, there are many ways to go about it. Inking something Disney-related on your skin is always one option. Whether you’re a tattoo lover or are just starting your tattoo journey, Disney tattoo designs are not exactly a new idea as they’ve been around for decades. Thus, in a sea of choices and with a lot of nostalgia in the mix, it gets hard to make a decision.

We tried to make your life easier by going through many options and selecting some ideas that we think look either super cool or just very cute. From subtle designs or colorful ideas to matching tattoos, we’ve got you covered! Scroll for magic and inspiration.

To Infinity and Beyond

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest

This is definitely the best matching tattoo you can get. It works either with family members, friends or partners. You can make it as simple and subtle as you’d like by inking it in a small size and a simpler font or you can go all in with a Disney font and a medium-sized tattoo. On top of that, you can either go for a pop of color or just plain black. The space motifs such as spaceships and stars make it specially magical and we also think that, if you’re getting this with someone that complements you, it makes sense to have something related to Woody as well, like his hat.

As for the place, as with most matching tattoos, it works better in places where it’s fairly easy to put them together. For instance, you could get it in the arms as displayed in the picture or the wrists.

Minimal and Classic

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest

Maybe you’re not one to make a grand display of affection. Maybe you prefer to keep things to yourself and as minimal as possible. That’s totally understandable and there are many options for you. We think that simple outlines are the best if you want to go simple. Our favorite is, surely, the Disney castle, either in its older or newer version. Certain characters also look great outlined. Even though a bit obvious, Mickey is for sure a classic choice. Moreover, The Lion King is a favorite of many Disney fans due to childhood memories and, of course, its undeniable quality. Hence, the drawing Rafiki makes of Simba is pretty epic, so why not have it inked? If these are too minimal for you, you can always add a pop of color just like in the Tinker Bell example.

These tattoos work better in a small to medium size, depending on the one you end up choosing and they look great in many places such as the arm, the ankle or the shoulder blade.

A Mother-Daughter Tattoo

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: West 4 Tattoo via Tattoo Filter / @dannietattoos via Instagram

We’re certain there are many different things you could ink together with your mom. However, Mrs Pots and Chip are extremely cute and should not be overlooked. We believe the option in black and white is better for those who want something simple and is also the safest in terms of complementing each other. One aspect we love of this is one is that it’s not the most obvious matching tattoo since each character works well on their own. However, the colored version is undoubtedly funner and a great option too!

Then again, they work better in places such as the arms or wrists so it’s easy to put together.

You Can Fly!

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: @johnnystattooart via Instagram / Pinterest

Fairly simple and definitely a classic is a silhouette that anyone can recognize. For a Peter Pan fan that wants to be reminded to think positively and to let their imagination fly, there’s nothing like inking the “You can fly!” scene. This one should have a medium length so the characters are distinguishable.

What caught our attention was the shape and movement of the tattoo which fits perfectly with the lines of some body parts such as the back of the ear or below the collarbone. The way this tattoo fits is too magical to pass.

Princesses in Black & White

If you don’t identify with simple and minimal and wish to make a statement about your love affair with Disney, a leg sleeve is a way to go. There are several great options but we decided to pay homage to the Disney Princesses and we truly fell in love with this design. From the lamp to the castle, passing through all these inspiring women, everything is well connected. The great thing about this idea is that you can adjust it to your preferences and include your favorite princesses. Whether you opt for the B&W version or the colored one, it won’t go unnoticed and you’ll surely receive lovely compliments.

While this design works as a leg sleeve, it could possibly look nice as an arm sleeve as well.

Ohana Means Family

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest

… and family means nobody is left behind or forgotten. You can choose to ink just “ohana” or the whole quote, but we do think there’s something special in just inking this special word. Then, just decide if you’re going minimal or if you’re tagging along with Stitch. It’s self-explanatory how meaningful this tattoo can be. You can tattoo it together with people you consider to be family or just as a stand-alone if you value the meaning of the word or if you just love Lilo & Stitch. As for the size, we believe small to medium is the way to go.

This is a classic that can be tattooed on the wrist, on the shoulder blade or below the collarbone as it fits perfectly there.

Hakuna Matata

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Chang via Tattoo Filter / via Instagram

For a carefree person or for someone that would like to adopt a problem-free philosophy, there’s nothing like inking Hakuna Matata as a reminder. If you didn’t already know, this expression is Swahili and means there are no worries. It’s probably one of the most popular choices due to its meaning and to the popularity of The Lion King. We advise you to be careful when choosing the font so the letters slide easily or look relaxed, as that’s what the expression demands.

If you’d like a finger tattoo, this one seems to do it. Alternatively, it looks great right in the middle on the inside of the arm or on the ankle.

A Cheesy Couple Tattoo

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: @samusamuel via Instagram / Total Beauty / Pinterest

The OGs! This idea is truly cheesy, yet that doesn’t mean it’s not cute. Besides, if you’re not in the same room as your partner and if you go for a fairly simple facial outline they look great as standalone tattoos. Of course, you might prefer to go for something explicit such as two kissing mice. Our advice is to go for it, but beware that while the holding hands matching tattoos look great, it can be tricky if they don’t match completely. On top of that, it can look a bit awkward when you’re not holding hands and are on your own. While there are no LGBTQ+ couples in the Disney classics, you can easily adapt this one to match your relationship.

Depending on the design you go for they can look great on the arms, hands, fingers or ankles – basically, anywhere that is easy enough for you to put them together to display your love for each other and for Disney.

Alice in Wonderland

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Tattoo Me Now / @jrdonnelly27 via Tattoo Do / Pinterest

If there’s one movie with characters that will allow you to go wild and crazy, it’s Alice in Wonderland. There are no limits to the imagination, from amazing quotes written by Lewis Carroll to a world of fantasy and wonder there are endless possibilities. Our favorite character to display is the Cheshire Cat, the embodiement of color and extravagance. As for quotes, there are many more such as “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” or Mad Hatter and Alice’s iconic conversation about going mad. Whether you go for one of these designs or just come up with your own Alice in Wonderland related design, just make sure it stands out.

The ones we gathered here fit nicely on the arm or the shoulder blade and would look even cooler on the ribs.

Colors of the Wind

Top 10 Best Disney Tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest / @danieltaro_ via Instagram

For the ones that want something beautiful but not in your face and super obvious, this is a great option. If you love Pocahontas, this Colors of the Wind inspired tattoo is waiting to be inked on your skin. It’s quite simple, but the pop of color makes it magical and joyful.

Just like the “You can fly!” tattoo, this one has great movement, maybe even better as it can be adapted to almost any lines of the body. Behind the ear, on the arm, on the ribs or on the shoulder blade, it’s your call!

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