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How Long Is High on Life? Answered

High on Life Gatlians artwork

How Long Is High on Life? Answered

Here’s how long High on Life will take you to play through.

High on Life is the Sci-Fi action-adventure first-person shooter suited to every gamer who doubles as a Rick and Morty fan. You take on the role of an intergalactic bounty hunter to grapple, shoot, and navigate through wacky locations, encountering many unique characters. While the game is intriguing enough to consider picking up, you may wonder just how long it takes to complete. Well, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about how long High on Life is.

How Long Does it Take to Beat High on Life?

Based on our playthroughs, High on Life’s main story should take around 9-10 hours on average to complete. Going off this timeframe, if you’re looking for a fun, wacky and energetic game to play through during your weekend, High on Life might just be the perfect title to tick off from your list.

If you’re looking to do a completionist run and finish the game with 100% collectibles, we estimate it would take around 12-13 hours to complete. This includes some wiggle room even if you’re faster to find collectibles or a little slower to track them down. If you’re looking for a challenge, this could be the perfect game to try 100% on a limited timeframe.

A mixed playthrough where you find some collectibles but mostly focus on the main quest will fall somewhere in-between these totals, usually around 11 hours.

That’s everything you need to know about how long High on Life is. For more helpful gameplay guides, useful tips and information, and entertaining lists and quizzes, check out the rest of our content. We have a wide range of topics suited to any gamer, such as all Mystery Gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, when and where Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place, and how to get Deku’s Smash in Fortnite.

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