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Charlie Cox: “Daredevil Born Again on Disney+ Will be Dark, But Not as Gory”

Daredevil: Born Again

Charlie Cox: “Daredevil Born Again on Disney+ Will be Dark, But Not as Gory”

Charlie Cox shares a bit of insight on what fans can expect when he returns to Hell’s Kitchen.

Earlier this year, Disney announced the return of Charlie Cox and his rendition of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, with an all-new series, Daredevil Born Again, set to air in 2024. Since then, the show’s been pretty quiet, albeit for the universal hype tour Daredevil has been going on with appearances in movies and shows. However, a new interview with Charlie Cox has given fans an insight into the thought process behind the return of the blind superhero.

Speaking to NME, Cox spoke about his time post the end of the Netflix era of Marvel shows, which led to Marvel Cinematic Universe overlord, Kevin Feige, calling him up to invite him into the MCU. This interaction would lead to Cox’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk, with the former building up significant hype for his big-screen debut and the latter solidifying his return set in stone. 

He proceeds to talk about how this iteration of Daredevil will try to maintain the dark themes that the Netflix show was lauded for, although he believes that it will be presented in a less “gory” tone. This has been a theory many fans have expected would be the case due to the switch to Disney. Cox ends his discussion of the show by mentioning that if Born Again doesn’t succeed, it might mark the end of his time as the character.

Much like the shrouded mystery of many Disney moves, Cox’s interview is drenched in uncertainty as his points are what he believes, not what is set in stone. Time will tell what happens with the show, but an 18-episode return will definitely give fans something to celebrate when it debuts in 2024.

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