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Best Minecraft Speedrunning Seeds

Minecraft world
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Best Minecraft Speedrunning Seeds

Practice your speedrunning skills.

Speedrunners take their craft seriously. In Minecraft, however, worlds are randomly generated. This means there’s no way to compare speedruns in two different worlds. Thankfully, seeds solve that problem.

Seeds allow Minecraft speedrunners to compete with one another as they get to play in the same world. Some contain tons of resources that can be accessed easily, while some make it difficult right from the get-go.

Best Minecraft Speedrunning Seeds

Here’s a list of the best speedrunning seeds in Minecraft as writing, as well as a quick description of what you can expect there. These are not arranged in any particular order, so feel free to choose what you want to master.

Seed Code: 7901583960864769992

In this seed, you’ll find lots of loot in three ancient cities and a stronghold that appears nearby. The challenge here is getting those items without getting killed by the Warden. You can then collect the ender pearls and fight the Ender Dragon.

Seed Code: 1216998451290974659

This seed lets you spawn in a savanna biome. You can use ruined portals to collect resources, then reach an exposed stronghold via a cave opening. Once there, you can create a Nether portal, barter with piglins in the Nether, then complete the game.

Seed Code: 37021689

In this seed, you spawn in an area surrounded by lots of goodies. There’s a village filled with food and beds you can use at the end of the game. Next to this lies a mansion full of weapons, enchanted items, food, and Allays. The village also has a ruined portal that gives you access to obsidian, a Nether fortress, and an area of Piglins.

Seed Code: 7674399779279905778

The spawn point in this seed is located near three villages. You can farm crops, collect resources, or trade for them in two of these villages. The third village serves to provide you with the resources needed for your trip to the Nether. Once you return, you’ll locate a stronghold underneath the village where you spawned.

Seed Code: 2339839170332492722

This seed is perfect for those who are still new to Minecraft speedrunning. You spawn in a desert village near an ocean. Get as many resources as you can from the area, then build a boat so you can go to the ocean. There you’ll find a ruined portal and a piece of land, under which a stronghold can be found.

Seed Code: 1955471898

This seed lets you spawn in a desert biome, very near a desert temple. You can acquire lots of iron and gold from this temple. You can also get the beds you need to defeat the Ender Dragon from a village nearby.

Seed Code: -8767654563534078661

This seed lets you spawn in a mesa biome, near a mansion that contains practically all of the resources you’ll need to finish this speedrun. Loot the mansion, then finish the game as quickly as you can. After finishing this for a couple of times, you’ll discover how the elements in this seed make for a great game.

Seed Code: 9009759197830545823

In this seed, you spawn near a village where you can collect beds. Open the chests you find to acquire more resources you’ll need. After that, jump into a trench nearby to find an incomplete Nether portal. Complete it, enter the Nether, and finish the speedrun.

Seed Code: 4381083045955854994

This seed puts you in a dark forest biome, spawning you close to three villages. Each of these has a stronghold underneath them. All of these can provide you with more than enough resources to win against the Ender Dragon. You can also access a fortress by making a portal where you spawned.

Seed Code: -2927611868038818840

This seed is different from all of the seeds in this list. You’ll spawn on a large island with trees, a village, and lava pools. You can acquire resources here, and also get the island blacksmith to help you with your gear. You need to leave the island to look for a stronghold, however.

These are the best speedrunning seeds we recommend to players as these can help you practice playing the game real fast. Try all of them and see what’s best for you.

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