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Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup
Image via Blooket

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Need help setting up a good defense?

Surviving a few rounds in Blooket Tower Defense is surprisingly harder than it sounds. At first you place a few towers here and there, and it works, but you soon realize you’ve boxed yourself into a bad strategy. If you’d love to survive more than a few dozen rounds, here’s what the best Blooket Tower Defense setup looks like.

The Best Tower Defense Setup in Blooket

Like all great tower defense setups in Blooket, it’s all about positioning. Sure, having plenty of Wind Dragons and Crazy Unicorns is ideal, but if they aren’t placed in the right areas, they won’t do you much good. With that said, we’ll be sticking to using these towers in Blooket for the best results:

  • Wind Dragons
  • Party Pigs
  • Crazy Unicorns
  • Mini Jesters
  • Agent Owls (or a mixture of Agent and Owl Snipers)

You could squeeze in a few Bird Towers, considering they do really good flat damage and AOE as opposed to percentage damage, but keep in mind that also means stretching your budget even further. With that said, the best Tower Defense setup in Blooket looks like this:

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup
Image Source: Blooket via Twinfinite

Near the start of the track, you want to focus the majority of your Wind Dragons, with a smattering of Party Pigs. When the two are combined, the Wind Dragons knockback effect and the Party Pigs dancing effect turn the enemies into sitting ducks to be picked off by your Crazy Unicorns and Agent Owls.

However, we can’t ignore the MVP: the Mini Jesters. These helpful creatures double the firing rate and damage of every tower within its radius, but their effects don’t overlap, which is why you only see a few dotted around the map with a fair bit of space between them.

Using the best Blooket Tower Defense setup here, you can easily reach over Round 300, not to mention bring in hundreds of coins. For more tower defense goodness, why not check out Roblox All Star Tower Defense? If you’d like to move away from towers, but still stick with strategy, Roblox Control Army is always a great go-to.

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