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10 Lego Star Wars Sets Disney Should Let Us Build Next

Emperor Palpatine, LEGO Star Wars
Image Source: Disney and Lucasfilm

10 Lego Star Wars Sets Disney Should Let Us Build Next

These ideas are gooooood.

Lego Star Wars has been quite a successful venture, with some sets worth close to $1,000; however, there are a few opportunities for new sets that could bring renewed interest to this popular Lego partnership. Some of these ideas could release alongside Lego Star Wars TV shows and movies since they’re considered non-canon. Here’s everything you need to know about 10 Lego sets that Disney should release next.

The Jedi Temple

The Jedi Temple as seen in the Star Wars prequels.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

The Jedi Temple is one of the most recognizable buildings in Star Wars, but somehow it has never been released as a Lego set. This would be quite an impressive set considering the size of the structure, and presumably, it would be a big seller, too. Disney would have a lot of options on how to structure the Jedi Temple because they could, say, have part of it open for Jedi youngling minifigures to be training with Yoda or they could show the hangar with Jedi speeders ready to go. This set could be a great option for Star Wars fanatics to burn their tax refunds on, or maybe fathers could claim they’re buying it for their kids and help them build it!

The Senate Building

The Senate Building shown in the Star Wars prequels.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

The Senate Building dominates the Coruscant skyline, and the Rotunda where Senators meet to discuss bills would be great to show off with Legos. In addition to crafting a few platforms for various planets, one or two could be placed on a clear stand so it looks free floating with Padme or Mon Mothma minifigures inside preparing to give a speech. This set could also be a life-sized model of Chancellor Palpatine because it’s well-established in Star Wars canon that he is the Senate. Either way, this set has the potential to be one of the hottest selling in Lego Star Wars and take up lots of shelf space in people’s collections. It’s one I think kids would really enjoy working together with their parents to finish.

Yuuzhan Vong Worldship

A Yuuzhan Vong worldship in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
Image Source: Lucasfilm

Featured exclusively in the Expanded Universe, the Yuuzhan Vong worldship looks like a hurricane flying through space. This massive vessel is alive like the rest of Vong technology and could be open to reveal living doors, walkways, and training soldiers. This set could be pretty massive in size, and valuable too because it is essentially a flying city where most of the Vong population live. The size and shape of this set might pique the curiosity of casual Star Wars fans, though it’s so large I could see the price being massive. Minifigures included with this set could be the most unique in Lego Star Wars, with tentacles and claws replacing hands and feet to represent Vong mutilation.

The Errant Venture

This red Star Destroyer is owned by a smuggler named Booster Terrik with no ties to the Empire, and is home to the first Lando Calrissian Charity Sabacc tournament: quite a cast of Minifigures could come with this set including criminals, government officials, and Jedi. This set could certainly be smaller than previously released Star Destroyer sets, but it would stand out because it appears to be bathed in blood. This ship was temporarily used as a Jedi Academy, so it would be appropriate for a dad to help his son or daughter put this set together while teaching them about the ways of the Jedi. A set like this could draw attention to Booster and the many EU stories he plays a role in because a red Star Destroyer is a great conversation piece.

Corran Horn’s X-Wing

Corran Horn's X-Wing in the Star Wars EU.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

Corran is a Rogue Squadron pilot who becomes a Jedi and flies his personal X-Wing on behalf of the New Republic military. Since the ship belongs to him, he gives it a number of paint jobs that differentiate it from other Lego X-Wings, such as Luke’s. Most often Corran sports the green paint job seen above because it reminds him of home and his time working for the Corellian Security Force. Corran has a unique lightsaber that can double in length, so his Minifigure could come with a second lightsaber blade longer than the standard one — this could make the set more valuable. This set might be popular simply because it’s an X-Wing, but adults will be the target market since Corran is only in the EU. A parent could get this set for their child to introduce them to a cool Jedi that Disney hasn’t added to Canon.

The Jade Shadow

Mara's ship the Jade Shadow in Star Wars.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

The Jade Shadow is the iconic modified yacht owned by Mara Jade-Skywalker: this ship saw it all, from the famous living planet to the fall of Darth Caedus and many other Sith. The hangar of the Shadow could open to reveal Luke sparring with his wife or other valuable cargo. This ship doesn’t look like other Lego sets because of the shape of its wings, so it’s a great opportunity to branch out and make other unique spaceships. The Jade Shadow would be a medium size set, so kids could handle building it on their own. Mara is a well-known EU character, so this set should be quite popular if it is ever released, and could quickly sell out.

Zonama Sekot Living Ship

A living ship from the planet Zonama Sekot from Star Wars.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

These starfighters combine organic material with modern technology to give pilots as much information as they can handle to help them outfly the enemy. They have one long wing and pods for the pilot and engines underneath and are fast and maneuverable even in the atmosphere. Due to the Zonama Sekot starfighter shape and size, it would be a bit easier to build and display than the larger sets on this list, and kids could manage it by themselves. These ships grow from seeds and bond with their pilots telepathically, so Lego could include a few small cylinder pieces to represent ships that haven’t grown yet. This planet is hidden deeply in Star Wars lore, so only the most hardcore fans would appreciate the story behind it.

The Wild Karrde

Talon Karrde's ship from Star Wars.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

Talon Karrde is a dashing information broker whose discretion is matched only by his ability to make a profit. The Wild Karrde is the flagship of the small fleet he maintains for his business, and could come with a Minifigure of him and Mara Jade, who was a prominent member of his organization. His ship vaguely resembles a flying Jawa fortress because of its rust brown coloring and blocky shape, which would make it quite a unique Lego set. Not many people know about this character, but this set could sell well with collectors who are familiar with the EU or looking for sets no one else has. The Wild Karrde would be more popular with adults as kids are unlikely to recognize this ship, but they could build it with minimal help since it isn’t too big.

Outbound Flight

The Outbound Flight project from the Star Wars EU.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

The Outbound Flight project was a unique mission requiring a large ship filled to the brim with supplies; to meet this need, six dreadnaughts were attached to a large storage cylinder in a symmetrical array. It’s quite an impressive sight as it travels to the edges of the known universe. It would also be fun to build the mini-dreadnaughts before attaching them to the center of the ship. If you don’t finish building this set, don’t worry, the ship didn’t complete its mission either!

This set may be popular simply by association with Thrawn, a character from the EU Canonized in Star Wars Rebels, and a Minifigure of him should certainly be included, as well as a few Jedi and civilians. This set could replace standardized testing in schools, just put kids in advanced math if they can build it without trouble.

The Star Forge

A hologram of the Star Forge in Star Wars.
Image Source: Lucasfilm

A big part of the Knights of the Old Republic video game, the Star Forge is a literal war machine that churns out ships and droids for a Sith army. It’s a large sphere with three fins that absorbs energy from a star to fuel itself. This could be a relatively large set, with clear pieces that resemble energy from the star being sucked in by the forge, that stands on the three fins. This set could also take up lots of shelf space, or it could be the centerpiece of your dining table. The Star Forge might also be a tax refund splurge because of how many pieces it would be, and kids would definitely need help building it.

There you have it, 10 Lego Star Wars sets that we’d love to see Disney release next. Check out some of our other Star Wars content like Jedi Survivor gameplay, SWTOR season 3 updates, and Star Wars interrogation techniques.

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