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Pokemon Toilet Paper Lets You Enjoy Personal Hygiene with Pikachu, Eevee, & More

Pokemon Toilet Paper Monpoke (1)
Image via Monpoké

Pokemon Toilet Paper Lets You Enjoy Personal Hygiene with Pikachu, Eevee, & More

You can now wipe your behind with Pokemon.

With the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll be able to enjoy your new open-world life with the popular critters in many ways, but a new product released in Japan actually lets you do something you can’t do in the game. The official Pokemon brand for kids Monpoké delivered… official Pokemon toilet paper.

It comes in four different prints for the paper itself and three different packages featuring a variety of Pokemon, and it’s even scented.

The pricing is 4,800 yen for a bundle of eight 12-roll packs, which translates into approximately $34 at the current exchange rate.

Among the Pokemon showcased on the soft double-layer toilet paper, we can find the inevitable Pikachu, the other fan-favorite Eevee, Gengar, Piplup, Mimikyu, Dedenne, Ludicolo, and more.

In the gallery below you can find all the designs available. Of course, at the moment, this product is available only in Japan, so you’ll have to find an importer if you want to… wipe your butt with Pokemon.

Of course, this comes just in time before the release of the most anticipated Pokemon game of the year, the new mainline title Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18, featuring the large open-world region of Paldea to explore, eight new gym leaders to challenge, new pokemon, and a lot of new features that will likely keep the series’ fans busy for a while.

Of course, the Switch is portable, so the game and this specific product can actually be enjoyed together, which I supposed it’s an added bonus.

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