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Destiny 2’s Big Telesto Mystery Seems to Have Come to an Underwhelming End

Destiny 2 incoming community event

Destiny 2’s Big Telesto Mystery Seems to Have Come to an Underwhelming End

Destiny 2 hacks their own game just to give players an Emblem they’ve known for months.

Destiny 2 seemingly was hacked by its Exotic weapon, Telesto, for the last couple of days. The official Destiny 2 page, across all social media pages, were each “hacked”, and preaching about the weapon. This originally stemmed this past Tuesday, when a new patch went live in-game, and Telesto seemed to have been “broken” once again, as it was firing its void bolts much slower. Even messages started to appear in-game, further showcasing the “hack”. Well, it seems the fabled weapon has one final message for the players:

Needless to say, players aren’t thrilled to see all of this commotion and anticipation for a possible event, all but lead towards an Emblem. Even worse, this Emblem has been in the database for months, so this isn’t even a “new” reward. It’s a cool reward, of course, and definitely one of the most unique Emblems the game has put out in a while. However, to go as far as to change all their social media pages, send in-game messages, and even change how the weapon operates twice, just for an Emblem that players have known about for months?

Of course, it remains to be seen if this “hack” will go any further and whether or not it does lead to the rumored community event. More than likely, though, this might’ve just been a fancy announcement of Telesto’s rework. Nonetheless, Destiny 2 is at an all-time low in player population, and what could have been the start of a potential spark of life for the game now seems to be lost. Be sure to check out our latest Destiny 2 updates, such as Bungie nerfing Linear Fusion Rifles, and a guide on how to get the Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle.

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