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All Playable Characters in Stranger Things VR

Stranger Things VR gameplay

All Playable Characters in Stranger Things VR

Who are you gonna take over the Upside Down with?

Netflix and VR developer Tender Claws have just announced Stranger Things VR, a new video game take on the popular horror series. Players will be able to harness the power of virtual reality to enter the Upside Down and experience the franchise in a whole new way. With such a massive lineup to pull from, Stranger Things VR could go in a lot of different directions with its playable characters. Here are all the playable characters in Stranger Things VR.

What Characters Are in Stranger Things VR? Answered

So far, Stranger Things VR only has one playable character: Season 4 antagonist Vecna. The game will essentially allow you to go into Vecna’s mind and exact revenge on Eleven and Hawkins. Players will be able to utilize telekinetic powers to battle both humans and creatures, as the trailer shows the player fighting against a Demogorgon. 

No other playable characters have been confirmed for the game as of right now. So far, it seems that Vecna will be the only character, as the story heavily centers around him, but with the game not set to release until Winter 2023, there’s more than enough time for more playable characters to be confirmed. We’ll update you with more information about playable characters if and when it becomes available.

Until then, that’s all we’ve got right now on all the playable characters available in Stranger Things VR. If you’re looking for more Stranger Things goodness while you await a return to Hawkins, check out Twinfinite’s burning questions we have for Stranger Things 5.

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