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Coral Island Diving Explained: How to Dive, Critters, & More


Coral Island Diving Explained: How to Dive, Critters, & More

Diving is one of the most unique parts of life in Coral Island. This guide tells you everything you need to know about cleaning up and exploring underwater.

Diving in Coral Island is one of the most unique aspects of the game. It’s easy to spend days underwater clearing trash and exploring the depths of the local reef. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about how to dive in Coral Island.

How to Go Diving in Coral Island

Shortly after you arrive on Coral Island, you’ll receive a letter from Ling, a marine biologist, inviting you to meet her at the diving pier. Travel to the pier, which is near the beach. Cross the two bridges to the right of your farm, then follow the signs for “Diving.”

When you get there, talk to Ling. She tells you that she can’t dive anymore, which is a shame because there’s lots of cleanup to be done and plenty of valuable kelp going to waste. Maybe you could try diving for her, she suggests, offering you a diving suit. 

What to Do

After you talk to Ling, you can go diving any time you want. Walk a little further down the pier, and you’ll see a ladder leading to a boat. Right-click to start diving, and you’re off! Once you’re underwater, there’s plenty to do before you run out of energy, so use your actions wisely while you’re down there.

Clear Trash

The entire area is covered in trash when you first get down to the reef. Use your scythe to hack into the trash and clean it up. You’ll earn trash and occasionally scrap resources by clearing trash piles. 

Activate Orbs

As you clear away the trash, you’ll come across solar orbs, magical items that can help you heal the damaged coral sites. When you find them, right-click to activate them. At first, nothing will appear to happen, but soon a mysterious monument will rise out of the sand and emit a fiery light that spreads through the sand. 

If you haven’t cleaned up all the trash in the area, the remaining trash may block the light beam. Clean up the trash highlighted in red, and the light will continue spreading until it heals the surrounding reef. 

Healing coral sites
Image credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Collect Kelp

Many colors of kelp grow around the reef. At first, you won’t see much, but as you heal the reef and explore deeper areas, more types of kelp will appear. Kelp can be collected and sold or used to craft tools and appliances for your farm. Bronze kelp, for example, can be used to craft an extractor. Once crafted, the extractor can extract the essence from the kelp. Take this essence to the lab to improve the quality of your seeds so you can harvest better-quality produce.

Image credit: Stairway Games via Twinfinite

Catch Critters

At first, there won’t be much life to speak of underwater. But as you clean up the trash and heal the coral sites, more varieties of sea life will begin to appear. You can use your butterfly net to catch starfish and other bottom-dwelling critters to donate to the museum or sell. 

Collect Resources

There are plenty of forageable items to be found underwater, including sea salt, a necessary spirit tree offering item. Some can be harvested by right-clicking when you’re near them. Others, like seaweed, must be cut with a scythe, and rocks must be smashed with a pickaxe. 

Making Progress Underwater

Your helpful bot, Kibles, will warn you when you’re low on energy or it’s getting late. After 22:00, your diving time will automatically end, so you have plenty of time to get home before the late-night energy penalty sets in. Before that, you can end your dive by returning to the anchor and right-clicking to return to the pier.

As you clean up the trash, activate the solar orbs, and heal the coral sites, you’ll gain access to deeper and deeper parts of the reef. The deeper you go, the more valuable the resources you’ll find. There is currently a limited underwater map available during early access, but the developers intend to have deeper diving opportunities available by full release.

That’s all you need to know about how diving works in Coral Island. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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